Prince William laments the state of his broken family; speaks about relationship with brother Harry

After the infamous Megxit: the exit of Duchess Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry from the royal family due to tensions with the Queen lead to a rift between the brothers

It seems as though despite having all the love in the world for his brother Prince Harry, The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William is none too pleased with his sister-in-law Meghan Markle's decision of moving to the United States.

He seems inconsolable towards the fact that he cannot simply 'put his arm around' his brother and talk out their differences as they did in the past. It appears that the older brother is taking his brother and his wife's decision personally and sees it as they set themselves apart from the Royal Family.

'Megxit' causes distress for the Royal Family

Prince William said he wanted everyone to get along as he believed that they were all part of the same 'team'. Queen Elizabeth has yet to give the couple her blessing, however, in a statement released on Markle's Instagram, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex assured the world that they would continue "to honour our duty to The Queen, the commonwealth, and our patronages".

The decision by the Royal coupling of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to no longer play their part of "senior Royals" has captured the imagination of the internet and has generated a lot of buzzes. A major part of the decision means that they are going to spend more time in North America, specifically the United States of America with an emphasis on working towards financial independence.

It is Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's decision to step down from their Royal obligations wikimediacommons

Meghan Markle is getting blamed for the 'stepping back'

The tabloids have been running wild with assertions that place the blame of the exit squarely on Meghan Markle, dubbing it 'Megxit'. However, many people are questioning whether the entire blame for the rift within the family can be placed on the former TV actress.

With all this drama unfolding, the relationship between the brothers is at an all-time low as they are real-world implications when a member of the Royal Family chooses to disassociate with the collective.

Many people are pointing to how the once rebellious Prince Harry seems to be reduced to a blundering yes-man to his wife, Meghan, and also how she seems to orchestrate the split from the corner with her willing husband.

Prince William understandably saddened by the exit of his brother and sister-in-law wikimediacommons

Conversely, people are also saying that it is not fair to dump all the blame on the Duchess of Sussex as the Queen Elizebeth is still a powerful entity with agendas of her own. Either way, Prince William seems to be the one taking the sudden series of events the hardest based on what he has been saying openly, meaning, that he has exhausted all his attempts at talking sense to his Brother and is genuinely sad on bad things have gotten.

Harry and Meghan's intention to quit as senior Royals has widened the gulf between the two siblings, with William understood to be the 'incandescent' over his brother's blindsiding of the Family. ' " he said as reported by The Sunday Times, regarding his thoughts on the ongoing family situation.

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