Meghan Markle's 'creepy' and 'cringe-worthy' attempt to mimic Diana mocked on Twitter

Twitter responds to the Duchess of Sussex's obsession with copying Princess Diana's iconic looks and asks her to find her own style.

Former Television actor Meghan Markle, who worked on the show 'Suits', has had her every move scrutinized by the media since her marriage to British Prince Harry. Post #Megxit, that had the entire media offering hot takes and criticism, it seems there isn't one thing the pair can get right, including, Markle's obsession with recreating Princess Diana's iconic look.

Twitter disturbed by the mirror imaging

Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Harry and William, was tragically killed in a car accident in August 1997. Diana was a different breed compared to the rest of the family as she was outgoing, loved the media spotlight and wanted to carve out her own public image. It cannot be ignored that the Duchess of Sussex has a similar outlook in life, given her entertainment industry background. However, the internet is none to be impressed with her attempts at recreating the departed princess' iconic look—something she has been doing for quite some time now.

Markle started paying tribute to her deceased mother-in-law by wearing a famous sapphire engagement ring that had once belonged to Diana prior to her wedding, starting out her obsession at aping the style.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana's sapphire brooch Facebook

"Find your own style," Twitter says

It was reported that the Duchess of Sussex wore Diana's butterfly-shaped earrings to honor her memory. These subtle fashion choices seldom catch the eye of the general public, however, a photoshoot does.

For a new photoshoot, as pointed out by a Twitter user who released side-by-side photographs of Markle and the iconic Princess wearing similar clothes and standing with the same pose. This side-by-side comparison photographs of the Duchess of Sussex and Princess Diana set the internet ablaze with responses, mostly negative.

The post contains Markle wearing a white shirt, black skirt and a pair of shades—all similar to Princess Diana—while doing the same 'hands-on-the-hips' pose. Most people contented that the attempt to recreate Diana's style was "creepy" and "cringe-worthy".

The tweet that set off the storm @instgram/drjameskent
A user on Twitter giving their two cents @twitter/cageclimber