Lee Je-hoon, Esom and Kim Eui-sung's Taxi Driver Retains Good Viewership; Check out Latest Stills

Lee Je-hoon, Esom, and Kim Eui-sung's Taxi Driver has continued to retain the numero uno position among the TV shows on Friday evening as the TV series is enjoying good viewership. With its engaging content, it is still the most-watched drama of Friday night.

The Taxi Driver
The Taxi Driver. Instagram

Taxi Driver Rating
For the latest episode aired on 21 May, Taxi Driver scored a nationwide rating of 12.2 percent viewership and a total of 14 percent for the two-part show. The show has been regularly crossing nationwide average rating of 14-15 percent viewership.

The highest viewership that the show registered to date is 16 percent for the 16 April episode. The show was premiered on 9 April and it had garnered an average nationwide rating of 8,7 percent for the first episode. Thereafter, the viewership has continued to increase every week.

Ep.PartOriginal broadcast dateAverage audience share
11April 9, 20218.7% (7th)
210.7% (3rd)
21April 10, 20217.3% (9th)
213.5% (3rd)
31April 16, 20219.8% (5th)
213.6% (3rd)
41April 17, 202111.5% (4th)
215.6% (1st)
51April 23, 202112.3% (4th)
214.2% (3rd)
61April 24, 20218.7% (5th)
216.0% (3rd)
71April 30, 202112.9% (4th)
215.1% (2nd)
81May 1, 20218.3% (5th)
215.2% (3rd)
91May 7, 202112.0% (4th)
214.7% (3rd)
101May 8, 202110.1% (4th)
215.4% (3rd)
111May 14, 202112.4% (4th)
214.6% (3rd)
121May 15, 202110.7% (5th)
215.3% (3rd)
131May 21, 202112.2% (4th)
214.4% (3rd)

The story revolves around Kim Do-ki (Lee Je-Hoon), a graduate of Naval Academy and a UDT official. He becomes a different man following the murder of his mother.

He now works for a taxi driving company that offers 'revenge' service for its clients. The show is based on Carlos and Lee Jae-jin 's webtoon The Deluxe Taxi.

Pyo Ye-jin, Jang Hyunk-jin, Bae Yoo-ram, and many others are part of the cast in The Taxi Driver is written by Oh Sang-ho and directed by Park Joon-woo.

The Taxi Driver
The Taxi Driver new still. Twitter

New Stills
Meanwhile, the fans are eagerly waiting for Saturday's episode. The latest stills released by the makers show Kim Do Gi trying to save his team members. After eliminating Baek Sung Mi's men in the prison, he manages to threaten her with a knife.

His intense eyes indicate that he wants to send out a strong message to her. And she too seems to be showing no signs of fear. The latest episode The Taxi Driver will be aired at 10 pm KST.