Lee Na-eun aka Naeun's Loss is Pyo Ye Jin's Gain

StudioS has found a replacement for Lee Na-eun who was dropped from the forthcoming drama Taxi Driver following the allegations of bullying by her former April member Hyunjoo. Well, it is none other than Pyo Ye Jin.

Lee Na-eun's Loss is Pyo Ye Jin's Gain
Lee Na-eun's Loss is Pyo Ye Jin's Gain. Instagram

Pyo Ye Jin Plays a Hacker
Pyo Ye Jin will be playing the role named Go Eun, a hacker at Rainbow Taxi Company, Soompi claims a source has confirmed the development. After losing her family, she starts working here as the close aide of Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon).

She was brought on board after the controversy around the school bullying broke out and Lee Na-eun's cropped up as one of the bullies who gave tough times to Hyunjoo.

"We ask for the understanding of viewers regarding this statement being released belatedly as it took time to thoroughly assess public sentiment regarding this situation and cast a replacement actress." StudioS said in a press release about Lee Na-eun being dropped from the project.

Park Joon-woo's Taxi Driver is written by Oh Sang-ho. It is based on the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi by Carlos and Lee Jae-jin. Lee Je-hoon, Esom, Kim Eui-sung and Pyo Ye-jin are starring in the action crime drama.

Bullying Allegations
It was all started after a person claiming to be Hyunjoo's brother made allegations of bullying against the April members in an online post. His post read, "She was bullied and ostracized in the group, and due to that, she suffered from many things like panic disorder and breathing difficulties. She even tried to take her own life." The Complete Post can be read below:

Hyunjoo Controversy
The viral letter written by the person claiming to ber Hyunjoo's brother. Social Media Site

Following the allegations, there was an outrage from netizens who slammed the members of April for bringing so much of pain to Hyunjoo. Even as the DSP Media, which manages the group, denied the allegations and going for a legal battle against her family after failed talks, companies are unwilling to go against the public sentiment.

About 60 percent of the shooting has been already shot and Lee Na-eun's portions are being edited out. The new portions involving Pyo Ye Jin and her co-stars will be shot.

It will be aired from 9 April.

StudioS has replaced Lee Na-eun aka Naeun with Pyo Ye Jin in its upcoming drama Taxi Driver.