Jessie on Being Slammed for Wearing Revealing Outfits and Bikinis: 'I Just Want People to Be More Open-Minded'

Female celebrities often come under attack in conservative societies over their choice of dress. Now, musician Jessie has opened up about her share of story where she is criticized for revealing dress and swimming costumes.

Jessie aka Jessica Ho
Jessie. Jessica Ho Instagram

Her Body, Her Choice
Jessie, recently on KBS2 variety talk show 'The Joy of Conversation 3', claimed about the negative comments that she received for wearing dress that exposes her skin."I just want people to be more open-minded. When I post photos wearing swimsuits, people slander me because I wore a swimsuit. But then, what would I wear at a swimming pool?" Allkpop quotes her as saying.

Explaining further, the 32-year old indicated that she would wear such dresses more if they continue to oppose it. She added, "I also want to do things people tell me not to do. For instance, if people say 'Jessi, your clothes are too revealing, then I want to keep wearing clothing that is more revealing."

Jessie on Plastic Surgery
Jessie also spoke about undergoing plastic surgery and expressed her displeasure over the restrictions on speaking about it on TV shows. She adds, "These days, people have been saying, 'your lips are too big these days,' but so what? I got fillers and so what? I did it because I like it why do people keep saying I got uglier after I got plastic surgery? I think it only matters that I'm happy."

After successfully passing an SM Entertainments audition, she refused to join the label as the company's approach to music was different from her style. The 32-year old made her debut with a single with 'Get Up' in 2005 and took a break after her second single 'The Rebirth' in 2009.

Five years later, she made her comeback with hip-hop trio Lucky J with rapper J'Kyun and vocalist J-Yo.In 2015, the singer-musician participated in the survival program Unpretty Rapstar season 1, Thereafter, she worked in many TV programs that include Real Men 3, King of Mask Singer, Sister's Slam Drunk, High School Rapper, and Law of the Jungle – Tribe Chief and Granny among a few others, while also being active in the music industry.