Is NCT's Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY's Ryujin?

For over a month, there have been rumours about NCT's Haechan and ITZY's Ryujin sharing a special friendship. Now, those speculations are gaining momentum after the former was apparently caught following the latter on Vlive during a live chat.

Is NCT's Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY's Ryujin?
Is NCT's Haechan Secretly Dating ITZY's Ryujin? Instagram

During a live, the fans have noticed Haechan following NCT and ITZY after he accidentally exposed his iPad screen. This came like a bolt from the blue and triggered the rumours of him dating Ryujin.
Netizens wondered why Haechan is only following on Ryujin on vLive and not other artists. Some fans claim that there is something really cooking between Haechan and Ryujin.

In the last few months, a section of netizens has been speculating about his affair. From Bluetooth headphones to phone cases, they found the idols owing similar items. There were also speculations of Haechan presenting a necklace, but it turned out to be a false rumour.

So, what do the netizens say about the latest rumours of Haechan and Ryujin?

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