An IZ*ONE Choi Yena's Rich Fan Gets to Meet her Through his Father's Influence; See How Netizens Have Reacted to it

A fan of IZ*ONE Choi Yena turned lucky as he got the opportunity to meet her on his birthday recently. He himself announced about his meeting with the idol on a social media platform which has paved way for a debate.

IZ*ONE Choi Yena
IZ*ONE's Choi Yena. Instagram

The Fan's Message
It is because he got the opportunity to meet her through her father's influence. "3/22 on my birthday, my father said, 'Oh, son.. you like IZ*ONE? Want me to get you their signed CD?'. When I heard that, I thought that he was just joking hehe.. but after I laughed it off, starting today I've decided to consider my father my king...[sic]," Allkpop quotes the fan as saying.

Netizens Divided
A section of netizens has expressed their anguish against the culture where a rich fan could easily get an opportunity to meet his favourite icon, while the normal fans struggle to get that lifetime opportunity. Some have questioned the CEO of Producer 48 for asking Choi Yena to meet an unknown person without knowing his intentions to meet the idol.

However, another section of netizens sees no issues in this meet stating that every man, given the opportunity, would not refuse to meet his favourite person by hook or crook. Check out the fans' reaction over the incident:

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This article was first published on May 21, 2021