Kwon Mina Shares Self-Harm Image Again on Instagram, Deletes Post After Fans Express Concern

Sharing the self-harm picture, former AOA member Kwon Mina demanded sympathy, leaving her fans to worry about her mental health.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina shared a picture of self-harm on her Instagram account. The singer with one million viewers posted a disturbing image covered with blood on the night of April 26. The singer had shared similar images of self-harm earlier too and she was rushed to the hospital. Repeated messages of self-harm and pictures have left fans wondering about Kwon Mina's mental health.

Fans started pouring in messages with encouraging words on Kwon Mina's Instagram account. But after a while, the singer deleted the post, but the news is still worrying the fans. In her caption, she is said to have referred to blood as dirty and questioned if anyone criticizing her have been in her position.

Kwon Mina
Former AOA member Kwon Mina has parted ways with her agency Woori Actors. Instagram

The reported that they were able to get the caption of Kown Mina's disturbing picture before she deleted it. "Why, this is dirty? Does this disgust you? Every word you say makes me like this. Oh, suicide show? You guys say I'm doing this to get sympathy. Then why don't you give it? Go to a psychologist? I've seen psychiatrists for years. Do you know why I went crazy? Have you all been in my position? You don't know anything about me, but you keep stepping on and tearing me up every day. I tried my best and lived like a fool," Mina had written.

Kwon Mina Living a Troubled Life?

The singer, who has also acted in dramas including Modern Farmer, and All About My Mom, has one million followers on her Instagram account led fans to use social media platforms including twitter to express their concern about her mental health.

After leaving AOA, Mina came into news when she exposed that senior member of AOA, Ji Min had harassed her when she was in the group. In her social media posts, Mina accused Ji Min of being the cause of her miseries and her mental health. This had led to a negative campaign against Ji Min, who later quit AOA and the entertainment industry.

Later, Mina had shared a picture of slashed wrist on her Instagram handle. Her agency immediately rushed to her house and got her admitted in the hospital. The incident occurred in August 2020. Following the incident her agency Woori Actors had terminated the contract with her in September 2020.

After Ji Min quit entertainment industry and posting picture of the slashed wrist, Mina tendered an apology to her fans. "To all those who were shocked by that photo, I'd like to sincerely apologize," Mina's post had read. After that she deactivated her Instagram account in August and then reactivated it in September.

It can also be noticed that the singer had recently accused her schoolmate of sexually harassing her. Her Initial statement had said that he was a celebrity now, bit later she took a U-turn and said that he was not a celebrity.

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