Ex-AOA Member Kwon Mina Posts Image of Slashed Wrist, Rushed to Hospital Suspecting Suicide Attempt

Kwon Mina's current agency Woorie Actors rushed Kwon Mina to hospital after she posted an image of wrist covered with blood, here are latest updates

The former member of AOA, Kwon Mina slammed Jimin and Seolhyun and also FNC Entertainment's CEO Han Sung Ho in her Instagram post along with the image of slashed wrist covered with blood. The picture shocked her fans and the singer was rushed to the hospital.

Kwon Mina is under Woorie Actors and the agency rushed paramedics to her house as soon as they received the news of Mina's slashed wrist. Her message on Instagram is a matter of concern as she even mentioned dying and haunting the ones who drove her to take this step.

Agency Updates on Mina's Current Condition

Kwon Mina Shin Jimin
Former AOA member Kwon Mina accused Shin Jimin of bullying her for 10 years. Instagram

Currently, her agency has updated the fans on Mina's condition. "Kwon Mina has been transported to the nearest emergency room. She is alive and currently receiving appropriate treatment from the hospital." stated her agency.

Earlier, Mina had posted the image of self-harm on her Instagram account, which has now been deleted. Calling out former AOA member Jimin and current member Kim Seolhyun, Mina said that her mother and her family cannot say anything but told that they are suffering even without committing any mistake. Mina demanded compensation for all the psychological damage caused by the accused. "Compensate for all of the psychological damage you caused. And make it plentiful. You're all people who know nothing but money," she wrote.

Mina Not Paid By FNC Entertainment?

Mina also accused her former agency FNC Entertainment of not paying her properly. "The contract as a trainee was for eight years which was illegal, and they didn't even have any breakdown for the supposed $2,522,758 trainee debt I incurred. Up until the end, they were irresponsible," she added.

What concerned fans the most is her message on her current mental state. "I am going to be happy. It's so painful here that if I die, don't you dare step a foot into my funeral. It'd be so dirty. I'm going to die and haunt you guys. I can't live due to your evil deeds towards me," she wrote along with the picture of the wrist covered with blood.

Mina started posting about the torture she faced due to harassment from Jimin in June. The issue became severe with Jimin receiving hate messages after Mina announced that she had even tried to commit suicide due to the harassment. This resulted in Jimin leaving the group AOA and retiring from the entertainment industry.