Kwon Mina on her Sexual Assaulter: He is neither a Celebrity nor a Famous Person

A day after claiming that she was a victim of sexual assault from her school mate who is now a celebrity, the former AOA member Kwon Mina has clarified that person is neither a celebrity nor a famous person!

AOA-Kwon Mina
AOA-Kwon Mina AOA-Kwan Mina/ Facebook official

Fans Urged Name and Shame the Harasser
Following her claims, fans had bombarded her to name and shame the person who had misbehaved with her. People on social media were requesting her to take courage to reveal the person as the assaulter does not deserve to be in the entertainment industry.

There were also chances of misinterpretation by the media and it possibly could pave the way for baseless rumours. Hence, the 27-year old actress has clarified the speculations. "I was planning on sleeping the whole day, but I received a lot of messages in the morning. I saw that articles were written stating that the male sunbae was a famous person. I will explain this because everyone is curious as to whether he is a celebrity. He is not that type of person, [sic]" Koreaboo quotes her as saying.

Not a Public Figure
Mina then claims that he was just one or two years senior to her and possibly born in 1992 or 1993. She adds, "He was a popular bully back then. He is not a famous public figure that the whole country knows about. I don't even know what he's doing these days."

Kwon Mina
Kwon Mina Kwon Mina Instagram

The Loss Time Life girl indicates that the only celebrity who had harassed her was her former AOA member Shin Jimin. The latter used to mentally torture when they were part of the group. Later, Jimin had lent an apology for Mina before being fired from the agency FNC Entertainment.

On her Instagram live, she revealed an incident going to an isolated place where she was sexually assaulted. "The boys were all standing still, and I was beaten for hours with a beer bottle and with their fists. I was beaten repeatedly and raped," she is quoted as saying by Kpopstarz.

She had claimed that the harasser was a well-known personality now and people could recognise him even if she gives a small hint about him. Nonetheless, the issue was dead since the person had lent an apology to Kwon Mina. So, she never reported the incident.