KnottyFairy: Self-Proclaimed 'Transcanine' Model Fired from Job and Banned from OnlyFans for Posting Sex Acts with Dogs on Social Media

She also posted multiple comments on Twitter claiming that she has had sex with dogs on several occasions.

A model claiming to be a "transcanine" has been kicked out from her job and banned from OnlyFans after she faced social media backlash for making comments that she engaged in sick sexual acts with dogs. KnottyFairy, as the woman is known on social media, faced severe backlash on Twitter for posting videos of engaging in sexual acts with canines.

She also posted multiple comments on Twitter claiming that she has had sex with dogs on several occasions. The posts are still available on Twitter by KnottyFairy has been fired by her employer and adult site OnlyFans where she was a content creator.

Sickening Comments and Act

KnottyFairy Twitter

KnottyFairy sparked uproar on Twitter following remarks she made and allegedly posted videos of herself having sex with dogs, according to Daily Star. She announced to her 185.8k followers on January 2 that she had decided to "come out" as a "transcanine," adding that she had been with six dogs in the previous year and only two men.

"I have made a decision to come out. As we know that humans are complicated and intelligent beings. We aren't always simple. I have been with 6 dogs this past year and only 2 men my entire life," she wrote on Twitter.

"I just want friends and a crowd that accepts and loves and cherishes me."

Screengrab of the posts made by KnottyFairy on Twitter Twitter

She defended her actions to one of her critics by saying, "I am trans canine, I can't abuse what I am."

KnottyFairy continued to shock followers with her a series of tweets which included a post stating that "dog cum in coffee is the best creamer, and it helps you have clear skin," the outlet reported.

Even her parents seem to have abandoned her, as she said in a strange tweet: "When I first watched the Jesus movie , as he hung on the cross he asked "Father why have you forsaken me." I understand now what he must felt. My own parents want me gone. I literally washed the dishes yesterday. Why are they ungrateful?"

Disgusting and Tasteless

KnottyFairy Twitter

Alana Evans, the outraged OnlyFans star who got into an argument with KnottyFairy on the platform, announced that she had complained to PETA and urged others to follow suit. "Animals cannot consent," she said. "She is vile and needs to be arrested."

"Consensual sex is always between members of the same species who engage in it willingly, which can never be the case when a human and another animal are involved," PETA UK's Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen, told the Daily Star.

KnottyFairy Twitter

"Having sexual contact with a dog is like sexually abusing a child – it's an assault on a trusting individual. It leaves animals unsure of their relationship with humans as well as confused, distressed, and – if there's penetration – likely with internal injuries, which can sometimes be fatal.

"PETA US has indeed received a complaint about this case and cannot comment further now but urges authorities to pursue all sexual predators who use animals for their own selfish gratification as if they were sex toys, rather than sentient beings who experience fear and pain.

KnottyFairy has since been sacked from her job and has been banned by OnlyFans.