HORRIFYING: Malaysian Man Faces 20 Years in Jail and Whipping for Raping Neighbor's Goat

Hasan was arrested after he was caught by the female goat's owner after she heard her doe making abnormal noises in the back of her home in Rawang.

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A 60-year-old Malaysian man could face up to 20 years in jail and a possible whipping for allegedly having sex with his neighbor's goat. Shaari Hasan was charged on Thursday with voluntarily having "carnal intercourse" with the animal on July 27. The goat died in the sickening attack.

Hasan was arrested after he was caught by the female goat's owner after she heard her doe making abnormal noises in the back of her home in Rawang, about 18 miles northwest of capital Kuala Lumpur, according to Free Malaysia Today. Has fled the scene but was later arrested and charged for his disgusting actions.

Inhuman and Sickening

Shaari Hasan
Shaari Hasan Twitter

On July 27, around 1:30 pm Hasan entered the backyard of his friend's house and started having sex with the female goat. When the owner heard the doe making abnormal noises, she went to check the back of her home. The owner then discovered Hasan next to the goat, half-naked, according to the outlet Free Malaysia Today.

Hasan seeing the owner immediately fled the scene. However, the goat by that time had died. The owner then lodged a complaint with the police and the carcass was sent to a veterinary service department for a post-mortem examination.

Hasan was later arrested from his house. He initially pleaded guilty when the charge, under Article 377 of Malaysia's criminal code, was first read out by judge Nurul Mardhiah Mohammed Redza, as reported by Detik. However, he later denied the charges.

On Thursday, he appeared in a Kuala Kubu Bharu on charges of having carnal intercourse with an animal. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in jail, as well as a fine and a whipping, according to the outlet.

No Forgiving

Shaari Hasan
Shaari Hasan Twitter

Malaysia's criminal laws are quite strict and Hasan is likely to find himself in more trouble. The judge said not admitting to the evidence made his guilty plea unacceptable and when the charge was again read out to him, Hasan pleaded not guilty.

A prosecutor argued that Hasan, a widower, should be held without bail. However, his lawyer Zolazrai Zolkapli said the offence is bailable, hence his client should be freed depending on the trial's outcome.

A judge ultimately agreed with authorities, denying Hasan bail prior to his next court appearance in late December. Hasan appeared in court wearing a colorful floral shirt as he pleaded not guilty, the Malay Mail reported. He denied wearing a green T-shirt and brown pants that were allegedly seized from him during his arrest.

Hasan's fate is likely to be sealed by the end of December and it is expected that he will be going behind bars for at least 20 years.