Malaysian Man Kills Cat After Having 'Unnatural Sex' with It in Children's Playground, Faces 20 Years in Prison

An elderly Malaysian man pleaded guilty at a local Sessions Court today to having sex with a cat last week.

Janting Anak Keling, 63, made the plea after the charge was read in front of judge Fatimah Zahari. Keling was accused of committing an "unnatural" sexual act, which caused the animal to die.

Keling Facing 20 Years in Prison

Janting Anak Keling
Janting Anak Keling Twitter

Keling was accused of committing the offence at a playground in Skudai at about 4.30am on April 16. Skudai is a suburb in Iskandar Puteri in the Johor District of Malaysia.
The accused has been charged under Section 377 of the Penal Code.

The law, which prohibits carnal intercourse with an animal, carries a jail sentence of 20 years in addition to a fine or caning.

Accused Pleaded for Lower Bail

Deputy Public Prosecutor S Thiviya appeared for the prosecution while the accused was not represented by a lawyer. Thiviya said the prosecution is not recommending any bail for the accused in the case. "However, if the court wants to offer bail, we ask for a bail of RM15,000 ($3,500) with one surety and the accused must report to the nearest police station."

The accused then pleaded the judge for a lower bail stating he is unemployed and living with his daughter. "I just came to Johor Baru from Sarawak and currently not working. I am staying with my daughter," he said, according to the New Straits Times.

The judge finally fixed bail at RM6,000 ($1,380) with one surety and set May 25 for mention of the case for document and evidence submission.

The news comes a week after a shocking report emerged of four men gang-raping a monitor lizard in India before killing it and eating the reptile, as previously reported. In December, a Malaysian man was jailed for six years for having sex with a female goat that resulted in the animal's death.