Australian Travel Blogger Accused of Murder After Father, Daughter Found Burnt to Death inside Shed

A travel blogger and OnlyFans model has been arrested on suspicion of after a father and daughter's charred bodies were discovered in the family shed.

The father-daughter duo's deaths were originally thought to have been a "terrible tragedy" until a post-mortem's suspicious findings prompted a murder inquiry.

Kristen Olsen, 24, is accused of intentionally starting a fire that killed Kirra Mooney, 10, and Mooney's father Todd, 54, last month in Queensland, Australia.

Olsen Charged with Murder, Arson; Motive Not Yet Known

Kristen Olsen
Kristen Olsen Facebook

Olsen was charged with two counts of murder and one count of arson. The Mooneys' charred remains were found inside the shed at Biggenden, 240km northeast of Brisbane, on December 20.Todd Mooney was due to marry his long-term partner on the property the following week.

A chief inspector of Queensland police said there were no known links between the victims and the suspected killer. Police are yet to confirm the motive for such an attack or whether the victims were killed before or after the fire.

Todd and Kirra Mooney
Todd and Kirra Mooney Twitter

A large team has been assembled to gather more evidence and try and untangle the mysterious deaths including divers who have been searching for clues in nearby springs.

Olsen, who lived out of a van and referred to herself as a "barefoot little gypsy," will appear in Maroochydore Magistrates' Court on Saturday and in court in Maryborough on Monday where Queensland Police will accuse the blogger of murdering the pair.

Biggenden shed
The burnt-out shed in Biggenden. Twitter

Olsen Also Charged with Arson, Stealing

A Queensland Police spokesperson said the prosecutor had additionally charged the OnlyFans creator with one count of arson of a motor vehicle and two counts of arson of a building or structure, allegedly committed at Tinana.

Olsen was also charged with one count of stealing, allegedly committed at Ban Ban Springs, about 30km southeast of Biggenden. The new charges related to alleged incidents separate from the murder charges that took place on Dec. 20.