Kate Moss Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction as She Ends Up Exposing Her Breast in Low Cut Dress While Leaving Glam Party in London

The nip-slip happened when Kate was on her way home from the glam party that was being held at a London nightclub.

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Kate Moss dressed to impress in a low-cut sheer dress on Wednesday night but ended up suffering a major wardrobe malfunction when her flimsy dress exposed her boobs and nipple. The supermodel, who was leaving a private member's club in London, didn't realize it as she gripped a friend's arm for the walk to her car but a lot had already been exposed by then.

Kate had already put on a racy display by going braless under the daring dress but never imagined that she would end up suffering a major wardrobe malfunction. The catwalk queen dress was so flimsy that it also exposed her black underwear.

Moment of Embarrassment

Kate Moss
Kate Moss suffered major wardrobe malfunction as she ended up exposing her nipple while leaving a party Twitter

Kate, 48, looked amazing in a scoop-neck dress that had been cut all the way down to the navel at a celebration for Diet Coke's 40th birthday. The single mother, who was named Creative Director for the company earlier this year, flaunted her youthful beauty in the daring sheer dress that exposed her underwear.

At the party, Kate let loose her inner party animal, but as she was leaving, a major wardrobe malfunction occurred when her dress revealed her breast exposing her nipple. The nip-slip happened when Kate was on her way home from the glam party that was being held at a London nightclub.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss appeared to be unaware of the mishap Twitter

The catwalk queen appeared unaware of her wardrobe malfunction as she grasped a friend's arm to make her way from the exclusive London private members club Lou Lou's to her car.

However, by the time she realized it, it was already too late and shutterbugs had already clicked her photos. Kate, however, didn't panic and kept her composure as she joined arms with a friend on her night out.

Keeping Her Composure

Kate Moss
Kate Moss looked stunning in the daring flimsy dress which also exposed her underwear Twitter

Kate's photos have since gone viral on social media but the multi-millionaire supermodel remains unfazed about the entire episode. Earlier in the evening, she danced with her famous friends, including Jaime Winstone, as she was hailed as the party's life and soul.

As DJ Fat Tony took over the decks for the fancy bash, Kate performed some moves to the party music. Guests were treated to canapes and Diet Coke at the celebration, which was held in Annabel's infamous Jungle Room.

Her dress highlighted the star's jaw-dropping figure while it also featured a shimmering sheer embellishment. Kate added height to her frame with a pair of black heels and added to her look with a gold necklace.

"Diet Coke is iconic and has an incredibly unique place in fashion and my own history. To be part of the Diet Coke family and celebrate with a big 40th party is a moment I'm excited to be a part of," she said about Diet Coke.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss also appeared to slur at the event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York Twitter

The embarrassing episode of the wardrobe malfunction comes after Kate reportedly forgot her words and stumbled her way through a speech at a star-studded awards ceremony.

She was presenting her friend Anthony Vaccarello the Fashion Innovator award at the Wall Street Journal event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. However, fans were shocked to see Kate, who has been sober for four years, appearing to slur her speech in a video clip posted on the Wall Street Journal's social media.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss Twitter

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen," said Kate as she entered the room. After that, everything went horribly wrong since she took a long pause to look at her phone and then seemed to forget what she had just said.