Kim Kardashian Suffers Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunction after She Is Forced to Jump Up Stairs at Milan Fashion Week Party Due to Her Tight Corseted Gown [WATCH]

Kim is known for going to extreme lengths to pull off the most recent trends from renowned designers, even if it means being unable to climb a flight of steps.

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Kim Kardashian suffered an awkwardly hilarious wardrobe malfunction at the Milan Fashion Week after she was forced to jump up a set of stairs because her corseted gown was simply too tight for her to maneuver in. Interestingly, the video was posted by Kim herself. However, the reality TV star was still mocked by fans for struggling to walk up the stairs.

Kim is known for going to extreme lengths to pull off the most recent trends from renowned designers, even if it means being unable to climb a flight of steps. However, things were a bit different and awkward this time at the Milan Fashion Week.

Too Tight to Handle

On Monday, Kim, 41, looked lovely in a stunning silver Dolce and Gabbana gown with a laced corset and lacing on the sides for the D&G after party. However, things became a bit awkward for the Kardashians star at the entrance of the party as she struggled to move her legs comfortably up the stairs.

Seeing the funny side, Kim had someone film the moment she struggled to climb the steps, laughing as she waddled in a pair of high heels. Sometime later, she shared the video with her fans in which she explained how her corseted gown was simply too tight for her to move in, forcing her to jump up stairs.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian seen jumping stairs due to her extremely tight gown Twitter

Kim shared the amusing incident with her 300 million Instagram followers by posting the side-splitting clip and hilarious soundtrack.

The video begins out with a close-up of Kardashian's feet as she clumsily attempts to move them up the stairs while hopping up each step while clinging onto the railing. The shapewear mogul was then shown ascending the stairs once more in the footage, this time with someone hanging onto the back of her garment.

Kim Kardashian MFW
Kim Kardashian seen jumping the stairs on her way out from the Milan Fashion Week after party Twitter

She waddles out of the venue before eventually making it outside to her waiting car. The footage then shows the moment Kim is dragged into the back of her blacked-out car, laughing as she slides down the seat in the tight gown.

Still A Stunner

In the conclusion of the video, which showed Kardashian straining to get into the rear seat of her car with the assistance of her entourage, it was made clear how difficult it was for her to move around while wearing the gown. More than 5.6 million people have seen the video as of September 26.

Kim Kardashian MFW
Kim Kardashian even struggled to get into her car because of her tight gown Twitter

TikTok viewers who commented on the video found Kardashian's devotion to fashion amusing. "Omg Kim will do anything for fashion... and I must respect her for that," one person wrote.

"Her team needs to be fired for not having her carried up those stairs," another person added.

Kim Kardashian MFW
Kim Kardashian still looked at stunner at the Milan fashion Week after party Twitter

"Ok but would it not be easier to just hike the dress up above her knees so she can get up the stairs?" another user wrote.

However, there were also many who made jokes about the small jumps and trolled her. "The jumping reminds me of the lamp that jumps up and down at the start of a Pixar film," one user tweeted.

"She looks so gorgeous but fashion is hard work," another user commented. "I'm exhausted just watching this."

According to someone else, "no outfit is worth this kind of struggle," while another person suggested that the video of Kardashian depicts "first-world problems".

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Instagram

That said, Kim looked a stunner at the after-party on Monday. Kim wore a similarly snug number when she debuted her collaboration with the designer at Milan Fashion Week. A member of The Kardashians cast styled her platinum blonde hair in an updo reminiscent of the 1950s with dangling tendrils at the front.

She chose to grab hold of the hand rail and leap up the stairs while wearing four-inch silver stilettos because the dress was so thin at the hem and curve hugging.

The creator of Skims, who famously shed 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into a Marilyn Monroe-style gown for the May Met Gala, has been flaunting her thinner figure rather than continuing with her previous strategy of embracing her curves.