Venus Williams Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction Exposing Her Nipple During Live Oscar Broadcast

It was an awkward moment for the tennis star at the Oscars when the fabric of her dangerously worn dress slipped off exposing her nipple.

Oscars 2022 had several shocking moments, with one involving Venus Williams who had a wardrobe malfunction wherein the fabric of her dress slipped off exposing her nipple. Although, Williams' wardrobe malfunction somewhat got overshadowed after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the event, it didn't completely miss everyone's eyes.

Williams looks stunning in a white dress with a plunging neckline but she ended up showing a little to much to the millions of audience at the 2022 Academy Awards. A clip of her nipple show has now gone viral on social media and is drawing no less attention than Smith's slap.

Awkward Moment for Williams

Venus Williams  wardrobe malfunction
Venus Williams suffered wardrobe malfunction at the Oscar 2022 that left her nipple exposed Twitter

It was an awkward moment for the tennis star at the Oscars when the fabric of her dangerously worn dress slipped off exposing her nipple. The moment was briefly captured on the live ABC broadcast and has since made its way to the social media.

The 41-year-old tennis superstar wore a breathtaking white Elie Saab gown to Hollywood's biggest night, but the garment's plunging neckline failed her as she watched Smith make his contentious — and tearful — Best Actor acceptance speech.

Venus Williams
Venus Williams nipple exposed Twitter

While Smit was making his acceptance speech, wherein he mentioned the two tennis start sisters, the show cut to Venus, who was seated with her sister Serena and watched Smith speak. However, people on social media noted that she had a wardrobe malfunction, as her skimpy top had slipped to the side, exposing her nipple.

The clip showed Venus with one arm up over her bust, possibly to conceal herself. Although many missed it, there were several who were left shocked ht the hobble wardrobe malfunction.

Embarrassing Moment

Serena and Venus Williams
Serena and Venus Williams Oscar 2022 Twitter

It is unclear if Williams relegalized that the camera was focusing on her but she definitely looked embarrassed. However, the cameraman may have relegalized the awkward moment and the ABC broadcast cut to an Oscars logo several times while the camera was on her.

However, it's unclear if this was due to her wardrobe malfunction.

The big slip was missed by many as the event was overshadowed by Smith who slapped Chris Rock on stage during the live coverage. Smith smacked Rock after the comedian compared Jada Pinkett Smith's hair to Demi Moore's shaved head in G.I. Jane.

However, Twitter was abuzz with Williams' wardrobe malfunction. "Did anyone else see Venus Williams nip slip????" one Twitter user wrote.

Another fan called out those around Venus — including Serena — for not noticing the wardrobe malfunction sooner.

"Ok so I know I couldn't be the only one who caught this but sheesh no one told my sis @Venuseswilliams that she had a nip slip!!!! I'm just saying I love her but who's around her cuz y' all failed my girl!!!" they wrote. "@serenawilliams where was you at???!!! Lol.'

Despite their fears, it's unclear whether anyone in her immediate vicinity noticed the wardrobe malfunction because they were all facing the stage and appeared to be listening intently while Smith spoke.