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The Hong Kong police detained action king Jackie Chan's ex-girlfriend Elaine Ng Yi-lei for hours after their 17-year-old daughter Etta accused her of criminal intimidation. Etta was born to Jackie and Elaine after a short extra-marital affair.

However, this is not the first time Etta is accusing her mother of physical abuse. Earlier in 2015, she put forward a similar accusation. According to Chinese Media, she called the police to arrest her own mother after an intimidation between the two.

According to a report on Apple Daily, Elaine was looking "haggard" after spending a night being questioned by police. "But a series of videos taken the days after showed a recharged Ng who seemed to have moved on from the incident."

Another report on AsiaOne stated, "She said she found it odd that Etta would lock the door of her room whenever she brought home a female friend, who is in her 20s. Etta, who would not explain herself, called the police instead."

When reporters tried to question the former beauty on the issue, she said, "It's a small matter. I'm learning to have a better temper. My temper has always been very bad." She also added that she is not angry with her daughter and is still learning to be a better parent. She insisted that they are a family and there is no need for anyone to ask for forgiveness.

But, Elaine declined to reveal details on her daughter's whereabouts "Please give me some space and it will be solvable," she was quoted saying. Ever since the arrest, there is no news on Etta and she seems to be staying mum. The teenager, who is very active on social media, is maintaining a low profile even on her social circles. Her last Facebook update on Mar 23 read: "This is either really stupid or the bravest thing I will do".