The fifth season of the popular political drama series, House of Cards is on its way and fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season as the actual political scenario changed a lot since it last aired. Fans are expecting some changes in the upcoming season as new showrunners are at the helm of the popular TV series.

To bring fans up to speed on what the upcoming House of Cards Season 5 could bring, here are some of the known changes coming to the show's fifth season as well as some of the exciting speculations on what could happen in the next installment. In spite of the changes, fans are obviously expecting some sort of continuity in the story.

The expectations are high as new members are confirmed to be joining the cast namely, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott. Apart from this, the main excitement obviously remains as to how the drama will shape up and reflect the current political scenario of the country and Donald Trump's surprise win.

In fact, fans speculated that the upcoming season will fully embrace Trump's presidency as the main storyline and the plot is being made by keeping the new president in mind. However, it is not known as to how that will be executed but actor Kevin Spacey slightly hinted about it when he revealed that his character will be supporting the new President. It is certainly clear that the upcoming season wouldn't just roughly feature the political scenario but will present an in-depth idea of it and why not, it is a political drama, it has the liberty to do so unlike other shows.

On the other hand, there are speculations that suggest that one of the major characters, Frank Underwood may die in the House of Cards Season 5.