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The fans of the popular series, "The Flash" have previously speculated that Savitar is actually Barry Allen in future but the recent speculations suggest maybe there is more to it. Fans are wondering if Barry Allen himself is the villain on The Flash?

The current season teased the idea from the very beginning. In fact, when Reverse-Flash screamed out to Allen saying, "who's the villain now?" it was possibly hinting the same. People started speculating if maybe somehow the current villain Savitar is actually an evil future version of Barry? The speculation is going on as Savitar repeatedly said that he's the future Flash.

Meanwhile, CBR noted, Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg while taking about season 4's villain said, "Next season we're not going to have a speedster." Kreisberg also mentioned Savitar and said, "We know who he is under there, and we've been planning this for a while."

Well, these are important and exciting news for the fans as they are quite aware of the fact that Savitar is any day better than other speedster villains because viewers are not aware of his identity. Moreover, after Reverse Flash and Zoom, there is nothing much left to make up a unique speedster villain.

Again, the fact that Barry is the actual villain seems to be quite compelling. Moreover, as CBR pointed out, Barry as the Flash causes more problems for people than any of the other recognized villains on the show. He seems to be stable from the emotional standpoint, which he is, considering the tragedies he faced in his life but there is no denying that his response to this tragedy at times goes a bit unhealthy. Barry always seems to try a way out to reverse the situation.

So, it is somewhat easy to transform him into a full-fledged villain. It will be more interesting if he turns out to be a villain in this season and continue to be so in the next and possibly the identity of Savitar will remain in the closet until the season finale.

Moreover, Grant Gustin partially agrees with the idea of the fans that Barry has been a little too reckless as well as selfish, lately. He said, "I agree most of the time as a viewer and a fan with the backlash that Barry receives."