ITZY's Ryujin Fans Slam Owen Ovadoz for his Below-the-Belt Remark

Controversy's favourite child Owen Ovadoz has done it again. The rapper has passed a lewd comment against ITZY's Ryujin over which he is now being severely criticised by her fans online.

Owen Ovadoz and ITZY's Ryujin
Owen Ovadoz and ITZY's Ryujin Instagram

Apparently, he got irked by a user's comment comparing his singing skills with ITZY's Ryujin and calling her a better singer than him. Reacting to the post, he wrote, "Yup. Her rap was conceived and birthed by my sperm.[sic]" His below-the-belt and misogynistic remark did not go well with her fans, who have come down heavily on him for passing a lewd remark against their icon.

Although he has deleted the post, people are sharing the screenshot and criticising him for crossing all the level of decency.

Long List of Controversies
Owen Ovadoz had earlier come under attack from netizens for making a similar kind of comment against women. During Instagram live, the 29-year old said, "I cannot stand white b**ches. I want to rape them. [sic]"

Prior to this incident, the 'Problematic' singer was dragged into trouble in a drug case. He was accused of smoking marijuana in his recording studio and paid a big price after the controversy broke out as Mnet kicked him out of its Show Me The Money program.

In fact, his parts were edited out from the show.

The rapper was at the center of major controversy during the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. His comments on Instagram Live had come under severe criticism. "Why do I need to acknowledge the struggles of black people? Why do I have to? I know what the campaign is. I don't give a f**k man, I'm still making money. Say I'm canceled, say I'm canceled. There's nothing you can do about it." Koreaboo had quoted him as saying.

ITZY's Ryujin Fans Reaction
Here are the comments made by her fans over his latest comment:

j⨾: If you're waiting for Owen Ovadoz to apologize for his Ryujin comment then let me tell you that it wont ever happen. He's rude, problematic and incredibly racist. He has been cancelled too many times but doesnt give a care. He is a lost cause and everyone in khh knows so ye, dont

Revo00113999: Ryujin's rap might not be all that.
But comparing her career to yours? It's a rap!
Look at you, looking like a fake, just like a Kardashian's butt crack.
Don't wish death upon anyone but you better wish you don't see the news headlines, "Owen Ovadoz (overdose)."

RyuddaengTUKIE⁴¹⁷: everyone can we please mass report his yt account he is obviously a misogynistic maderfacka and we need to do something about it or else his just going to go with that bish attitude everywherePouting face thank you

jaf Panda face: He doesn't have a career anymore Face with tears of joy I think that's why he is seeking attention

Ranakkl: People like him shouldn't stay in any industry, for real, they don't deserve to have a job or a place to express their thoughts...
He clearly is not aware that for a sperm to become a human, an egg is needed, therefore both women and the man is important for every human being...

nightfall_1202: Hey! Owen is a rapper. born in new jersey. hes under the label mkit rain (sadly. cant wait till he leaves) and has done A LOT of problematic things that are by far worse than this current situation

itchkn: this man is disgusting, cancel his existence

rose: everyday we get on here and we have to fight m*n ew im tired of these irrelevant ppl getting clout off women's back by disrespecting them.