Black Boston Woman Receives Letter from Neighbors Complaining About Her Loud 'N*gger Music'

The neighbors not only complained about her rap music but also had an issue with the woman making smoothies at 10 a.m. in the morning and having loud sex.

An African-American woman received a rude letter laced with racial slurs from the neighbors of her Boston apartment complex who complained about her loud rap music among other things.

Twitter user Ari who goes by @earthyari took to the micro-blogging platform to share a photo of the letter she claims to have received from her neighbors who wrote that she has "caused nothing but pain" ever since she moved into the building as a tenant.

'Please Put Away the N*gger Music'

racist letter
Ari (left) and the letter she received from her neighbors. Twitter/Instagram

"Dear Resident. You seem to have no respect for others huh? You seem to think you can move into a new building without abiding by the rules of morality or have any concern for anyone else but yourself," the letter, typed and printed on a A4-sized paper, read.

The neighbors, who have not identified themselves in the letter, then complain Ari's usage of a blender and her rap music in the mornings.

"Who uses a blender at 10 AM?," the letter continues. "Do you care about other individuals and that rap music you play? You're playing rap music so early in the morning? Please put away the n*gger music."

The neighbors asked Ari to "listen to something more peaceful and calming" and asked her to "learn to have respect" before making a request to tone down the "loud sex."

In a follow-up tweet, Ari noted: "In my defense, my music isn't that loud I've actually walked out my apt while it was playing to test it & making a smoothie at 10am isn't that bad. I won't comment on the last thing."

Social Media Reactions

Ari's post has now received thousands of retweets, likes and comments with users calling out the neighbors over their "racist" letter.

While some users noted that 10 am cannot be defined as "early" morning and urged Ari to add some more "loud" tasks to her daily routine, others pointed out that the neighbors were probably upset because their sex life was not as exciting as Ari's. Here are some of the reactions: