Kingdom Legendary War: Stray Kids Win The Introductory Stage, Here Are Updates From Episodes 2, 3

Stray Kids won the first place in the introductory round of 'Kingdom: Legendary War' with 690,971 votes.

The second episode of the six-team dance competition Kingdom: Legendary War was streamed on April 8. After the introductory round, the teams will fight each other for real in the second episode of the show. The dance completion show premiered on Mnet on April 1, 2021. It airs every Thursday at 8 PM KST. This is the sequel of Road to Kingdom. Here are details of round 1 performances shown in episodes 2 and 3.

The show is being hosted by Max Changmin of TVXQ. The six teams chosen as contestants are - BtoB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids and ATEEZ. The Boyz got direct entry into the competition after winning the show Road to Kingdom.

Mnet Kingdom
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The winner of Kingdom: Legendary War will get to be a part of a reality show and a special show Kingdom Week. The show will be aired on tvN Asia, a day after it is broadcast in South Korea. BtoB is the most senior group and ATEEZ is the youngest group in the show. The situation was tense but SF9 bowing to BtoB made everyone laugh out loud and lightened the mood during the premiere.

Kingdom Legendary War: Episodes 2, 3

The second episode of Kingdom: Legendary War was aired on April 8. Out of six teams, three teams have performed to the theme of 'To The World'. On April 8, The Boyz performed No Air [A song of Ice and Fire], iKon followed them with Love Scenario & Killing Me [Kingdom version] and BtoB performed theatre version of the song Missing You. On April 15, Stray Kids danced to Self-satisfaction [God's Menu + Side Effect], Ateez enthralled audience with Symphony No.9 [From the Wonderland] and SF9 performed Jealous.

Rankings of round 1 [shown in episodes 2 and 3] are yet to be declared. But here are details about their performances, experts' votes and self-evaluation points. The details about YouTube views and global voting have not been announced yet.

The Boyz secured 1000.000 experts' votes, 833.333 and self-evaluation points. iKon got 333.333 experts' votes and 555.556 self-evaluation points. BtoB succeeded in getting 1111.111 experts' votes and 1444.444 self-evaluation points. Stray Kids got 1333.333 experts' votes and 1111.111 self-evaluation points. Ateez secured 1555.556 experts' votes and 1388.889 and 2944.444 self-evaluation points. SF9 got 444.444 experts' votes.

Voting – Ranking System

The first step was introduction stage. Each group is allowed to perform for 100 seconds and winner of this gets 1,000 benefit points. This will help the winning team improve their cumulative score. However, results of three spots were announced on April 1, the rest of the ranks were announced after the show on April 8.

In the introductory round, ATEEZ performed Wave: Overture, BtoB performed the choir version of Beautiful Pain, SF9 danced to Good Guy, Stray Kids performed Miroh, The Boyz chose The Stealer and iKon performed Rhythm Ta. Accordingly, votes and ranks have also been announced.

Stray Kids won the first place with 690,971 votes, The Boyz secured second place with 574,273 votes, BTOB won the third place with 540,621 votes, ATEEZ were placed in the fifth position with 504,215 votes and iKON was at the bottom with 489,971 votes. Thus Stray Kids have won 1,000 benefit points.

The overall ranking is decided by four factors. Self-evaluation points amount to 25 percent, Experts' voting amounts to 25 percent, Global voting is worth 40 percent and Performance video view count amounts to 10 percent of evaluation.

Rules of the Game

Totally the show has four rounds. First round is the introductory stage. All six groups have performed and got their rankings. The second and third rounds will be performances based on particular themes. Fourth round will be the live finale. This who will have a total of 10 episodes. As only six teams are participating, there will not be any eliminations.

The theme for the second episode is To the World. The Boyz have performed No Air in the second episode. Watch out this space to find out more about performances and rankings of episode 2 of Kingdom: Legendary War.

This article was first published on April 8, 2021