Seo Ye Ji's Former Staff Counter Attacks the Claims of Verbal Abuse, Harassment Made by Another Ex-Worker

A day after an unnamed person made allegations against Seo Ye Ji of verbal abuses and harassment at work in an online forum, another woman has come forward to defend the actress and has a different story to tell altogether. The person claims that the actress treats her staff well.

Seo Ye Ji
Seo Ye Ji. Seo Ye Ji Instagram

Here's How She Counter Attacks Allegations
Her ex-staff has now claimed that she worked with Seo Ye Ji for five years and has now written a letter on popular community site pann questioning the claims made against her boss. To give credence to her claims, the woman has shared a couple of selfies with the actress.

In the post, the staff member has said that she was with Seo Ye Ji between 2015 and 2020 and challenged the alleged victim whether she has the courage to make those claims in front of her. The former has urged the latter to reveal her identity.

"I know that there is no other person that has worked with her longer. It seems that the two people that wrote the posts on Jisikin (a forum site) suddenly got deleted and they ended up writing a combined singular post on Nate Pann. Seeing as the contents you uploaded includes a cue sheet from Cinetown, I too, was on site. Reveal your identity." Koreaboo quotes her staff as saying.

The woman further stated that Seo Ye Ji is a person who often expresses gratitude for her staff. The staff adds, "She is someone that also conveys her well wishes to my parents, which isn't an easy feat. She is definitely not someone that treats staff lowly or mistreats them. She is someone who will approach the staff on-site first and greets them.

Allegations Against Seo Ye Ji
An alleged victim has opened up on the difficulties that Seo Ye Ji's staff had while working with her. From getting abuses to unwarranted threatenings, the person has made various allegations against the 31-year old actress in an internet forum.

"Whenever she said she was in a bad mood, she never ate anything and so we were unable to eat. She also told us that actors are people who work solely with their emotions so we were expected to give in to everything she wanted. Are you the only human because you work with your emotions, Seo Ye Ji-sshi? What are we then, dogs and pigs? You curse at us and yell at us, do we not have emotions?" the victim adds.

The person alleges that Seo Ye Ji would vent out her frustration if there are negative rumours around her. Also, the actress used to threaten the staffs that they would lose jobs and might not get any work in the industry if she caught them spreading false speculations around her.