How Did Choi Sung-Bong Die? K-Pop Star Who Faked Cancer to Raise Money Dies by Suicide Aged 33 after Leaving Distressing Note on YouTube

Additionally, he provided the authorities with the location where they could find his body, which was discovered the following morning after the note was made public.

Controversial Korean singer Choi Sung-bong, who was exposed for running a viral cancer scam, has died of suicide on Tuesday at the age of 33. Choi Sung-bong, who came second on Korea's Got Talent, was found dead by the police at his home in Seoul Yeoksam-dong at 9:41 am on Tuesday. A post-mortem is impending, as per reports.

According to reports, the singer left a distressing community post on his YouTube channel. Police determined that Choi committed suicide as a result of undisclosed circumstances at home and a left note that he posted to YouTube the day before he died, the Korean Times reported.

Mysterious Death

Choi Sung-Bong
Choi Sung-Bong Twitter

In the suicide message, the singer, 34, apologized for his actions and mistakes and explained his decision behind ending his life as a way of taking responsibility. He shared that despite his attempts to cope with each day, he admitted to no longer having the strength to carry on any further.

Additionally, he provided the authorities with the location where they could find his body, which was discovered the following morning after the note was made public.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Choi was referring to the widely publicized scandal where he was exposed for falsely claiming that he had cancer and collecting donations to fund his alleged treatment.

Choi Sung-Bong
Choi Sung-Bong Twitter

Choi gained significant recognition for his participation in the 2011 season of "Korea's Got Talent." His remarkable performance of Ennio Morricone's "Nella Fantasia" during the competition's finals deeply moved the judges, leaving them in tears.

This memorable rendition further solidified Choi's place in the competition and contributed to his fame.

Choi ended up securing the second position in the competition despite his exceptional talent and captivating performances.

Choi Sung-Bong
Choi Sung-Bong Twitter

Dancer Joo Min-jung emerged as the winner, garnering 280 votes, as reported by the Independent. Despite the close outcome, Choi's remarkable journey on the show helped him gain recognition as a rising star.

However, the impact of the emerging pop star extended far beyond the boundaries of the reality TV competition.

Life Full of Controversy

Choi's performance soon went viral, capturing the attention of millions of viewers online. The footage of his remarkable talent accumulated over 21 million views on YouTube, solidifying his popularity.

Choi Sung-Bong
Choi Sung-Bong Twitter

Besides receiving widespread recognition from the online community, he also earned praise from pop icons, including Justin Bieber, further catapulting his status as a rising star in the music industry.

"This is awesome," the "Baby" singer wrote on Facebook, per the Daily Mail. "Never say never, and good luck to this kid. Great story."

Choi's success on "Korea's Got Talent" led to him being signed by the Korean label Bong Bong Company. He went on to write a memoir that documented his journey from being an orphan to becoming an internet sensation.

This memoir drew comparisons to Susan Boyle, a well-known figure from "Britain's Got Talent."

However, in 2021, Choi faced criticism regarding a fundraising campaign where he falsely claimed to be battling multiple forms of cancer.

The truth about the fundraising campaign eventually came to light, exposing it as a hoax.

In his suicide note, the singer, the disgraced singer expressed remorse for his actions and apologized for the deception. He acknowledged that he had made repeated mistakes in the past.

"Looking back, since I was young, I tried my best to enjoy a normal life, like every day for 10 years, but in the end, I'm sorry," wrote Choi. "I have no regrets about the journey of life that I have lived brilliantly. I have lived to the best of my ability and tried to have happiness every day."

The singer added, "I am sincerely sorry to the many people who have been harmed because of me... I'm sorry to the many people who helped me."

Choi also stated that he had returned all the donations received from the fraudulent fundraising campaign.

Choi Sung-Bong
Choi Sung-Bong Twitter

The singer's death adds to a series of tragic incidents involving suspected suicides by Korean celebrities in recent years.

In April, the South Korean singer Moonbin, known as a member of the popular K-pop band Astro and its sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha, was found dead at the age of 25. Authorities suspected that he had died by suicide.

In August 2022, the South Korean actress Yoo Joo-eun tragically died, and her death was suspected to be a case of suicide. Before her death, she wrote a poignant note in which she apologized to her family and expressed that she felt she had lived a life that was happier than she deserved.

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