South Korean Woman Obsessed with True Crime Poses as Student Before Killing, Dismembering Private Tutor 'Out of Curiosity'

Jung Yoo-jung
Jung Yoo-jung Twitter

A South Korean woman who was described by local police as a true crime fanatic was arrested and indicted for allegedly murdering her online friend last week.

The woman, 23-year-old Jung Yoo-jung, is accused of killing and dismembering her friend whom she had met online under the guise of looking for a tutor.

Jung Killed Victim to Experience Murder First-Hand

South Korean authorities believe that the woman killed her friend "out of curiosity," local media reported. It was believed she had the desire to experience murder first-hand, having been obsessed with true crime stories.

Initially claiming the murder occurred during an argument, Jung later recanted and revealed that the crime was premeditated, fuelled by her intense fascination with murder.

Investigations into Jung's activities uncovered a disturbing pattern of behaviour. For months leading up to the tragedy, she meticulously planned the murder while actively researching methods to conceal a body. Her browsing history revealed a deep immersion in true crime TV shows and borrowed books from a local library dedicated to crime-related literature.

Jung Posed as Mother of Ninth-Grader Looking for Tutor, Disguised Herself as Student

To execute her heinous act, Jung posed as the mother of a ninth-grader seeking a private tutor through an app. Luring her victim to her Busan home under the guise of a consultation, Jung arrived disguised as a student, wearing a school uniform. Once inside, she fatally stabbed the unsuspecting victim, leaving her lifeless body in her wake.

After the murder, Jung resorted to extreme measures to avoid detection. She dismembered the body and meticulously packed parts of it into a suitcase. In an attempt to make the crime appear as a disappearance, she discarded the suitcase in a wooded area near a river. Furthermore, she retained the victim's mobile phone, ID card, and wallet, aiming to orchestrate the perfect crime.

Jung's Murder Plan Unravelled After Taxi Driver Noticed Bloodstains on Her Belongings

Jung's carefully crafted plan began to unravel when a vigilant taxi driver grew suspicious of the after she dumped a bloody suitcase in the woods. The taxi driver promptly alerted the authorities. Police swiftly apprehended Jung and discovered evidence in her possession, including the blood-stained clothing.

As investigators delve deeper into Jung's psyche, they are examining the possibility of her being a psychopath. Her isolated lifestyle and unemployment status since high school graduation, five years ago, paint a picture of a loner and recluse. While Jung expressed remorse for her actions, authorities are conducting tests to ascertain her mental state.