Who Was BJ Ahyeong? Glamorous South Korean Influencer Found Dead and Dumped in Pit in Cambodia as Chinese Couple Are Arrested for Torture and Murder

The body displayed signs of brutalization and had visible bruises, but the exact cause of death is yet to be determined pending the results of an autopsy.

A glamorous South Korean influencer was tragically found dead and dumped in a pit in Cambodia, weeks after she quit her social media career. The lifeless body of BJ Ahyeong, a K-pop DJ, who had amassed 500,000 followers, was found in Kandal province on June 6.

Ahyeong was found covered in bruises and wrapped in a red rug, with signs suggesting her neck had been broken. Following the grisly discovery, Cambodian authorities arrested and charged a Chinese couple with the crime of "murder accompanied by torture." Ahyeong, 33, was last seen alive at the medical clinic operated by the detained couple. The investigation into this distressing incident continues to unfold.

Gruesome Murder

BJ Ahyeong
BJ Ahyeong Instagram

Lai Wenshao, 30, and his girlfriend Cai Huijuan, 39, admitted to police that they abandoned her body after she had seizures and died while receiving treatment at their beauty clinic in the city. They face life imprisonment if convicted of the charge.

However, prosecutors have refuted their account.

BJ Ahyeong, an influencer for AfreecaTV, a South Korean video streaming service, amassed over 260,000 followers on Instagram.

BJ Ahyeong
BJ Ahyeong Twitter

According to South Korean media reports, BJ Ahyeong's true identity was revealed as 33-year-old Byun Ah-yeong.

BJ, short for Broadcast Jockey, is a term used in Korea to describe individuals who deliver live-streaming content to viewers.

On Tuesday, the spokesperson for South Korea's foreign ministry, Lim Soo-suk, stated that the local authorities were conducting an investigation into the "unfortunate incident."

BJ Ahyeong
BJ Ahyeong Instagram

"The foreign ministry is providing necessary consular assistance to the bereaved family in a timely manner," he said.

Law enforcement tracked the final movements of BJ Ahyeong and questioned the Chinese couple who ran the salon.

The couple claimed that Ah Yeong died at their clinic on June 4, just before 6pm. They said that she had a seizure while receiving a saline drop labeled as Sheng Li Yan Shui.

The Chinese couple, in a state of panic, allegedly wrapped her in a red mat, tied it up, and placed her in the trunk of a Toyota Prius. They then drove over 50 miles to dispose of the body in a neighboring region.

Investigation Still On

Despite the reported admission, authorities are continuing to collect evidence and build a case before sending the couple to court Kandal Stung District Police said in a statement: "In cooperation with the criminal force of the Kandal Provincial Commissioner and the Provincial Armed Forces, we are conducting an investigation into this brutal murder case, and we are searching for any witnesses who may have seen any strangers in the area or vehicle to transport the body."

BJ Ahyeong
BJ Ahyeong Instagram

Ah Yeong, who had a strong interest in beauty, had reportedly traveled to Cambodia for a vacation with a friend. Her presence was later traced to the clinic operated by the couple.

Cambodian police initially believed that she might be a victim of sexual trafficking or hostage-taking, crimes commonly associated with individuals from Communist China after local residents discovered her decomposed body dumped in the sewer and wrapped in cloth.

However, it was later determined that the victim was a South Korean BJ (broadcast jockey) who had arrived in Cambodia as a tourist.

BJ Ahyeong
BJ Ahyeong Instagram

The body displayed signs of brutalization and had visible bruises, but the exact cause of death is yet to be determined pending the results of an autopsy. Authorities are investigating whether Ah Yeong sustained the injuries prior to her death or if they occurred when the body was disposed of, resulting in broken and bruised bones.

The Chinese couple remains in custody while the investigations are ongoing. The Kandal Stung District Police have informed the South Korean Embassy and contacted the victim's family. They will provide additional information through diplomatic channels to help in the police investigation.

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