Hospital Playlist Season 2 Plot Speculations: Chae Song Hwa-Lee Ik Jun Romance to Take Centre Stage?

An interesting fan theory suggests that Chae Song Hwa and Lee Ik Jun are likely to take their relationship to the next level in Hospital Playlist Season 2..

Hospital Playlist season 2 is two weeks away from its premiere and several speculations are doing the rounds on the possible plot. One of them is about the romance between neurosurgeon Chae Song Hwa and general surgeon Lee Ik Jun. A few followers of this medical drama predict that these two characters will take the center stage in this sequel.

The main reason for their assumption is the latest poster for this medical drama. In the teaser image, Song Hwa and Ik Jun are seen enjoying a rainy day with their friends Ahn Jeong Won, Kim Jun Wan, and Yang Seok Hyeong. The photo shows them standing in front of the Yulje Medical Center and enjoying a short break in between their busy schedules.

The promotional picture does not just show Song Hwa and Ik Jun standing in the center but it also features them following the same postures. Both the characters are seen holding umbrellas in their hands and looking in the same direction while their friends focus on a different sight.

Did director Shin Won Ho Tease Chae Song Hwa-Lee Ik Jun Romance?

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Will Hospital Playlist season 2 feature Chae Song Hwa-Lee Ik Jun Romance? Twitter

So, some of the Hospital Playlist fans think that director Shin Won Ho has treated them with a major spoiler through the new poster for season 2. "Shin PD just fed us with a major spoiler and gave us everything that we could possibly want. The rain is not a fluke. Its real and an important part of friendship," a follower of this medical drama tweeted.

The Twitter user then came up with an interesting theory that suggests that the followers of this K-drama will possibly get to watch Song Hwa and Ik Jun take their relationship to the next level. The theory also suggests that both the characters may take the centre stage in this season.

A few of the K-drama fans agreed with him. "If they won't endgame then tell me what it is?" a follower of this mini-series wrote on Twitter. But some of the social media users were not impressed with his theory. "Why these 2 are looking in a different direction?" a Twitter user curiously asked.

Check out the tweets below:

Hospital Playlist Season 2

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that director Won Ho and the production team revealed that Hospital Playlist season 2 will continue to focus on the friendship between five friends. According to them, the medical drama will mainly feature their everyday lives with a bit more sincerity, warmth, and depth.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 will premiere on tvN on July 17 at 9.30 pm KST. Korean drama lovers can watch the show by tuning in to the broadcasting channel or they can stream it through Viki.