Hospital Playlist Season 2 Story, Cast Updates, Airdate, Spoilers and More

Hospital Playlist lead cast members share some new details about the second season of the medical drama, including their preparations for the sequel.

Hospital Playlist season 2 is expected to premiere on tvN in the first half of 2021. In this season, the drama will continue to follow senior surgeons Lee Ik Joon, Chae Song Hwa, Ahn Jeong Won, Kim Joon Wan, and Yang Seok Hyung as they work in the Yulje Medical Center. The sequel may also introduce new resident doctors and interns to viewers.

Lead cast members of the mini-series Jeon Mi Do and Jo Jung Seok shared some new details about the upcoming season in their recent interviews. While Jung Seok opened up about the show's renewal, Mi Do spoke about the team's preparations for the second season and the possible story idea for the sequel.

A Quick Recap of Hospital Playlist Season 1

The medical drama concluded its first season on May 28 with an open ending for Ik Joon, Jun Wan, Seok Hyeong, and Song Hwa. Things did not go smoothly for most of these characters in the finale of season 1. While Song Hwa did not respond to Lee Ik Joon's proposal, Seok Hyeong was confused about choosing Chu Min Ha as his life partner. For Jun Wan, it was getting difficult to focus on a long-distance relationship due to his busy schedules.

Followers of the show are eagerly waiting for the second season to find out the relationship status of these characters. If everything works well, some of the characters may share wedding vows in the upcoming season.

Hospital Playlist Season 2
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What to Expect in Hospital Playlist Season 2

Actress Mi Do believes that the upcoming sequel of the medical drama will probably reveal her character's true feelings for Ik Joon. She hinted that their relationship status is unlikely to affect their friendship. According to her, the mini-series is likely to follow the same pattern in its new sequel.

Cast member Jung Seok also said the series could continue to focus on the five main characters in its second season. Since each character will take turns to lead an episode, there will not be any pressure of multiple seasons on the cast members, he added. So, the series' followers can expect to watch the same characters on screens again in the second season.

During his interview with OSEN, the actor also spoke about the drama's renewal. He said the cast and crew are hoping to return with several more seasons, but everything depends on the love and interest of viewers.

Mi Do said all the lead cast members will continue to hang out together for the band sessions until the work on season 2 begins. "In the meantime, if I receive an opportunity to do a play or a musical , I have no reason not to do it," she added.

Hospital Playlist
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Viewership Ratings of Hospital Playlist

Throughout its 12 episodes run, the first season maintained nationwide viewership ratings of 10.9 per cent on average. In Seoul, the mini-series recorded an average television rating of 12.6 per cent, according to Nielsen Korea. It means the drama did pretty well in its first season.

However, the popularity of the mini-series in its second season will depend on the story, cast, and other details. Followers of the show will have to wait for the premiere episode of season 2 to find out if the new sequel will be as good as the previous one. Until then, catch up with all the episodes of the first season online here.