Hospital Playlist Season 2 Airdate, Spoilers, Cast Updates and More

From story and cast to spoilers and airdate, here is everything to know about the second season of popular tvN medical drama Hospital Playlist.

Hospital Playlist is coming to an end with episode 12 on Thursday, May 28. The finale will begin five minutes earlier than usual, and the total duration of the chapter will be 113 minutes. Ahead of the last episode, the cast and crew of the medical drama shared some details about the second season.

Producing director Shin Won Ho planned each episode of the mini-series with multiple seasons in mind. So viewers were sure of its renewal long before its premiere. They just wanted to confirm the casting and story for season 2. Though the lead cast members did not share any details about the story, they confirmed their appearance in the new season.

What to expect in Hospital Playlist season 1 Finale

The producing director has already said that the medical drama will have an open-ending to its first season. He revealed that the show did not have a decisive ending or an ending at all. The production team had a lot of fun holding meetings and discussions about making a show that can capture the attention of viewers even though it did not have a proper message or ending, he added.

"In other words, we planned this medical drama in such a way that it can make the viewers wanting more. This mini-series also introduced a new concept to the Korean drama world of one episode each week. So, we wanted this show to do well at all," Won Ho said during a live broadcast.

Hospital Playlist
A poster of tvN medical drama Hospital Playlist. tvN

What is the Story of Hospital Playlist Season 2?

The second season will probably continue to follow the five senior surgeons of Yuljae Medical Center. The five friends are likely to share a lot of stories about their 20-year-long friendship in the new season. The next season may also focus on the romantic relationships of each of the lead characters, including Lee Ik Joon and Ahn Jeong Won.

All the lead cast members of the first season, including Jo Jung Suk and Yoo Yeon Seok, are expected to reprise their roles in the second season. Jung Suk said he had a lot of fun portraying the kind and friendly Ik Joon in the medical drama. He asked his fans to wait for the second season, and choose him as their favorite cast member of that season.

Actor Yeon Suk, who plays Jeong Won in the medical drama, also shared his excitement on returning with a new season. Cast member Jung Kyung Ho thanked viewers for their love and support. The actor also said that he will soon return to screens with a more abundant second season. Cast members Kim Dae Myung and Jeon Mi Do also shared their hopes of return with a second season of Hospital Playlist in the near future.

The medical drama will probably return with a new season next year. However, Korean drama lovers worldwide will have to wait for an official confirmation from the production team to know more about it.