Homeland season 8 episode 11 spoilers, live stream details: Carrie seeks help from Saul

The penultimate episode of Homeland season 8 will be packed with a lot of thrilling events as Carrie and Saul continue to work for the country in their own ways

Homeland season 8 is just 10 days away from its finale and the prime focus of its penultimate episode will be on how Carrie manages to prove her innocence. Episode 11 is titled The English Teacher and is scheduled to air on Showtime this Sunday, April 19, at 9pm EST. Thr episode will also feature Saul's final move to stop a war between the US and Pakistan.

Carrie is finally back after doing everything that she could to get hold of the black box. At least that's what she thinks. But the government believes that she could have done much more than what she did for the country now. It is up to her to prove her innocence and get recognition for her contributions.

A promo for this week shows Saul saying that everything that Claire Danes' character does is because she never loses her sight on what's important. The short clip then shows Carrie saying that she did everything that she could. The video ends with a voice over reminding the former CIA officer that she has not done everything.

The 49-second-long video also teases a relationship challenge for Carrie and Saul. The two don't trust each other anymore and they have started hiding a lot from one another. Will it affect their relationship as the protégé and the mentor? In order to find out, the series' followers will have to watch Homeland season 8 episode 11 on Showtime this Sunday at 9pm EST.

Carrie needs another favour

Another teaser of the upcoming episode shows Carrie and Saul working together and trying to find a way out to stop a war with the Middle East. In the clip, Claire Danes' character tells her mentor that she can still share the information she gathered from the flight recorder, but Saul discourages her from doing it.

A still from Homeland season 8 episode 11. Showtime

The video also shows Carrie asking Saul if he knows someone who can help her and she even mentions the rumours that he works with a double agent. But Saul clearly tells her that he doesn't know anything about it and he is not in touch with any double agent.

The official synopsis for this week states that Carrie needs one more favour as Saul uses his back channels to sort things out. It remains to be seen if Saul will find a way out to help Carrie prove her innocence.

How to watch Homeland season 8 episode 11 live online

To know more about the penultimate episode of Showtime's popular political thriller, watch the show on Sunday, April 19, at 9 pm EST. Followers of the popular drama series in the US can also watch the show on Showtime's official website or on Showtime App. People from other parts of the globe will have to wait until April 26 to watch episode 11 on TV.

Watch the promo below: