Homeland season 8 episode 6 spoilers, live stream details: Saul to confront Carrie in 'Two Minutes'?

'Two Minutes' will simultaneously focus on the political tensions in Afghanistan and in the US.


After a two-episode break, Homeland season 8 is getting back to its real theme this week. Episode 6 is titled Two Minutes and will primarily focus on the relationship between Carrie Mathison and her mentor, Saul Berenson. The chapter is scheduled to air on Showtime this Sunday, March 15, at 9pm EST.

Followers of the popular political thriller in the US can watch the latest episode of its final season on Showtime every Sunday at 9pm EST. People in the United States can also watch the show on their laptops or smartphones by browsing through the official website of the broadcasting channel or on various streaming sites.

People from other parts of the world, including the UK, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, India, China, Japan, Mexico and Canada, will have to wait until March 22 to watch episode 6 of Homeland season 8.

What to expect in Two Minutes

The upcoming episode will focus on the various challenges faced by Carrie Mathison. The former CIA case officer is likely to be the prime suspect in the helicopter crash case that killed President Ralph Warner. No matter how hard she tries to prove her innocence, all the evidence is going to be against her.


The promo videos and stills of episode 6 hint at troubled moments for the leading lady of the show. While a 30-second-long clip shows Carrie trying hard to find the truth behind President Warner's death, another promo reveals how hard it will be for her to do.

In the one-minute, 15-second-long video, Mike Dunno can be seen accusing the former CIA officer of completely fabricating all her details. The clip shows Mike explaining to Saul about Carrie's meeting with Yevgeny. He also tells the National Security Adviser about his plans to inform the FBI about Carrie and Saul tries to stop him from doing it. But Saul may confront Carrie in the upcoming chapter.

Executive producer Alex Gansa has revealed that the final season of Homeland will explore the relationship between Carrie and Saul. "There's a lot of tension between them. There's a lot of trust, there's a lot of loyalty, but there's also a lot of conflict... And that story resolves. The Carrie/Saul story really does resolve in the last season," he added.

Check out the official synopsis of Homeland season 8 episode 6 below: