Homeland season 8 episode 4 spoilers, live stream details: What to expect in Chalk One Up

Episode 4 of Homeland season 8 is titled Chalk One Up and it is likely to feature troubled moments for Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson. Get the details below:

Homeland is returning with a new episode of season 8 on Showtime this Sunday, March 1, at 9pm EST. Episode 4 is titled Chalk One Up and it will continue to focus on the various challenges faced by Carrie Mathison. The upcoming chapter may also reveal new details about a secret team up between Tasneem Qureshi and Haissam Haqqani's son, Jalal.

Followers of the political thriller in the US can watch the new episode for free on TV by tuning onto Showtime this Sunday at 9PM EST. Those who don't have a TV at home can watch the show on their laptop or smartphone through the official website of the broadcasting channel. The fourth episode will also be available online on various streaming platforms.

People in the UK can watch the fourth episode on Channel 4 or its official website next Sunday, March 8. Those in Canada, India, Singapore, Russia and other parts of the globe will also have to wait for a week to watch the latest episode.

What to expect in Homeland season 8 episode 4, titled Chalk One Up

Showtime did not share much about the upcoming episode. The only official detail available online about the new chapter is a short description that tells little about Carrie and Saul. Here is the official synopsis of the fourth episode – Saul plans an announcement. Carrie gets a surprise.

But viewers can definitely look forward to a team up between Tasneem and Jalal in the new episode. A secret visit of President Ralph Warner to Afghanistan could help them execute a new plan for preventing the peace deal between the Taliban and Afghanistan. Eventually, Saul may not succeed in his mission.

What is in store for Carrie?

Carrie is gradually becoming the new Brody and viewers will get to know more about it in the upcoming episode. A promo of the new chapter has already teased troubled moments for the character. It remains to be seen how she will manage to prove herself and continue to work for her mentor.

Watch the promo below: