Homeland season 8 episode 5 spoilers, live stream details: What is in store for Carrie?

The upcoming episode of Homeland season 8 is likely to revolve around Carrie Mathison and it could feature her ability to solve complicated cases.

Homeland will be back with a new episode of season 8 on Showtime this Sunday, March 8, at 9pm EST. Episode 12 is titled Chalk Two Down and it will probably focus on Carrie Mathison. The character is likely to get a chance to prove her ability in solving complicated and mysterious cases in the upcoming chapter.

Before getting into the details of it, here is a quick recap of episode 4, titled Chalk One Up. The chapter revolved around President Ralph Warner's trip to Afghanistan and how it affected the peace treaty. As expected, things did not go well probably because of Pakistani intelligence agent Tasneem Qureshi and Haissam Haqqani's son, Jalal.

But the CIA agents suspected Carrie because she went missing in between. Though she pulled her car away from the motorcade to help Samira, officials might confront the her about her absence. So, Carrie would have to find a way out to prove her innocence as the official synopsis says that she "chases answers".

Will Saul reach out for Carrie's help?

Saul might help Carrie in proving her innocence by following Tasneem and trying to find out her role in the helicopter crash. Actress Nimrat Kaur, who portrays the Pakistani intelligence agent in Homeland season 8, said during an interview with Mashable India that 95 per cent of her scenes are with Saul. The scenes will reveal a lot about the political relationship between the US and countries like Afganistan or Pakistan, added the actress.

Homeland season 8 is premiering this Sunday. Facebook/Homeland

"All my scenes are deciding points, you understand how the story is meandering, there is a lot of doubt, a lot of suspicions a sense of deceit, it's a fantastic journey. I also have an interesting subplot where you see a different side of Tasneem. You see where she's coming from and what is it that drives her," the actress said.

When and how to watch Homeland season 8 episode 5

Fans of the popular Showtime series can watch the new episode for free on TV by tuning into Showtime this Sunday at 9PM EST. Those who don't have a TV at home can watch the show on their laptop or smartphone through the official website of the broadcasting channel. The fifth episode will also be available online on various streaming platforms.

People in the UK can watch the upcoming chapter on Channel 4 or its official website next Sunday, March 15. Those in Canada, India, Singapore, Russia and other parts of the globe will also have to wait until next week to watch the latest episode.