Homeland season 8 episode 8 spoilers, live stream details: Carrie waits for Saul in 'Threnody(s)'

The upcoming episode of Homeland season 8 'Threnody(s)' might also reveal the fate of Max Piotrowski and Haissam Haqqani

Homeland season 8 will be back with a new episode on Showtime tonight, March 29, at 9:05 PM EST. Episode 8 is titled Threnody(s) and it will continue to feature the various challenges faced by Carrie Mathison while trying to save the life of her friend Max Piotrowski. The upcoming episode will also reveal the fate of Haissam Haqqani, who is currently going through a life and death situation.

Though the popular American political thriller is moving close to its finale, two of its lead characters – Carrie and Saul – are still struggling to make things right. While the former CIA officer Carrie is doing everything she can to help the surveillance expert Max, her mentor and the National Security Advisor Saul is trying to stop America from repeating its mistakes.

What does the promo for Threnody(s) hint about episode 8?

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland season 8 Showtime

The 30-second-long clip of Homeland season 8 takes viewers through the various efforts made by Carrie and Saul to save the lives of Max and Haqqani. In the promo video, Mandy Patinkin's character can be seen informing the newly-elected US President Benjamin Hayes and the President of Afghanistan Abdul Qadir G'ulom that the execution of Taliban leader Haqqani can lead to a blood bath.

Meanwhile, Claire Danes' character seeks backup from the US to release her trusted friend Max from the hands of Haqqani's son Jalal and his men. And, Saul assures her that the highest authorities are working on it as they are already tracking him. So, Carrie waits for Saul to find out how these higher authorities are going to save the life of her friend.

The promo for Homeland season 8 episode 8 also hints at a war between the US and Pakistan as it shows the ministers discussing about it. Is it because of Haqqani's execution? The stills released by Showtime teases troubled moments for the Taliban leader as it shows the President of Afghanistan trying to bribe the jail security.

How to watch Homeland season 8 episode 8 live online?

Followers of the popular political thriller in the US can watch the latest episode of its final season on Showtime every Sunday at 9:05pm EST. People in the United States can also watch the show on their laptops or smartphones by browsing through the official website of the broadcasting channel or on various streaming sites.

People from other parts of the world, including the UK, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, India, China, Japan, Mexico and Canada, will have to wait until April 5 to watch episode 8 of Homeland season 8.

Here is the official synopsis for Threnody(s):