HEX's Richard Heart 'Forgives' Peter Brandt For 'Disrespecting' Alt-Coin Investors

Peter Brandt, the CEO of Factor LLC, which is a global trading firm he founded in 1980 stood the test of time as he built a stellar career in trading stocks, futures & options and also wrote a best-selling book titled the Factor Report.

Brandt, who supported the rise of Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies, was skeptical about the rise of 'alt-coins' that have mushroomed all over lately. But he has now changed his mind after several investors made millions out of it while investing early and reaped rewards tenfold.

Richard Heart Peter Brandt Alt Coins Hex

Brandt made a public apology on Twitter for previously talking ill about alt-coins and casting a shadow of doubt on its growth and said, ''I sincerely apologize for any disrespect shown to those who climbed aboard the alt-coin train early and have the gains to show for it. Congrats on a job really well done. You exemplify the best of a new generation of market speculators. I am a dinosaur in a new game.''

Brandt admitted that the new financial market would eventually take over the old institutions and experienced traders around the world need to accept the fact and make way for the new.

However, HEX Coin founder Richard Heart, who stands by the crypto market through thick and thin. replied to Brandt's public apology as ''I forgive you,'' indicating that he's speaking on behalf of all alt-coin investors around the world.

Alt-Coins Have Given Stellar Returns & That's A Fact

Several alt-coins in the market have delivered the desired outcomes for investors who made an entry position early. For example: Two jobless brothers turned millionaires overnight after daring to invest in Shiba Inu during its inception and made a total of $9 million by investing just $7,900.

Even SafeMoon investors who dared to pour their money during its inception in March 2021, saw their mere $1,000 investment turn to $3 million in July, all this in a span of just four months.

HEX Coin investors have also made generational wealth by investing early during its inception on December 2, 2019 and has risen 552,366% in less than two years. The coin reached an all time high of $0.48 a week ago but was available for less than a cent during its launch.