HEX's Richard Heart Ridicules Michael Saylor For Calling Bitcoin a Scam and Buying it 'At the Top'

The founder of HEX Coin, Richard Heart, ridiculed entrepreneur Michael Saylor for calling Bitcoin a ''scam'' way back in 2013.

Saylor had said eight years ago that Bitcoin's days are numbered and would eventually suffer and die like online gambling.

Hex Coin PulseChain Crypto Founder Richard Heart
Youtube grab / Richard Heart

''#Bitcoin days are numbered. It seems like just a matter of time before it suffers the same fate as online gambling,'' tweeted Saylor on December 19, 2013.

Heart, in his latest YouTube video, poked fun at Saylor within 60 seconds of the video's commencement and said: ''Michael Saylor was calling Bitcoin a scam back in 2013, said it would die like how online gaming died. The price went up and it went up so high, he finally said 'you know what I can't take the pain anymore. I have to finally buy it.' So what did he do? He brought the top.''

''He's brought it at 10k, 20k, 30k. He's been averaging it up. His buys is getting smaller and smaller at higher prices,'' said Heart and continued that Saylor has now turned to be a cheerleader for Bitcoin.

''He's now shilling it on television the same thing he used to call a scam (Bitcoin). Billionaires love to buy Bitcoin when it's 10k and above but hated it when it was available for less than a cent during the start,'' said Heart.

Heart has never shied away from speaking his mind and has taken on influential figures in the crypto market.

Just recently, he slammed Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer as having a ''mental disorder'' for bad-mouthing the crypto market and also criticized SafeMoon for charging a 10% fee for every transaction and compared it to ponzi scheme 'Powh Coin' that scammed investors and shut shop in 2018.

However, both Jackson Palmer and the SafeMoon development team have chose to remain mum on the criticism and have not responded to Heart's allegations against them.

HEX Coin has shot up 466,038% within two years of its launch and went from less than a cent to $0.29 at the time of publishing. Financial expert Dara Gadziala revealed exclusively to The International Business Times that HEX will touch the $0.40 mark by October 2021 and reach a new all time high.