HEX Coin Breaches 40 Cents, Touches 'All Time High' in a Phenomenal 22% Rise in the Day's Trade

The International Business Times was the first to predict that HEX Coin would reach $0.40 by October. The coin has now touched the remarkable milestone three weeks earlier, on September 6, 2021.

HEX touched its 'all time high' of 41 Cents on Monday, rising 22% in the day's trade. The coin has been spiraling upwards for close to a month and displayed extreme bullish sentiments.

Hex Coin Cryptocurrency

Early investors have reaped the rewards of its phenomenal growth and are presently holding on to fistful of dollars after seeing their assets rise 10 times or even more of their initial capital.

On August 8, The International Business Times predicted HEX would touch 40 Cents by October and quoted financial expert Dara Gadziala, who said: "I think within the next two months we could see a 40 cent Hex Coin. Right now it's almost back to the all time high and if it breaks past $0.18 there is nothing to stop hex."

At that time of prediction on August 8, HEX was trading at $0.12 (29 days ago).

Richard Heart's HEX Coin has risen 466,038% in less than two years of its inception, making early investors millionaires. The coin was launched on December 2, 2019, and began trading in the indices for as low as $0.00015000. The coin describes itself as a Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain.

HEX investors, who now proudly call themselves 'Hexicans' are all over social media rejoicing the extraordinary growth and congratulated each other for reaching the exceptional milestone that delivered richness.

Investors have now turned HEX into a vibrant community who firmly believe and support the crypto as it has delivered more than they've ever asked for in such a short span of time.

HEX has remained stable even during the Bitcoin crash in May 2021 post Elon Musk's tweet that Tesla won't accept BTC as payment. HEX was among the handful of coins that traded in green while the entire cryptocurrency market slipped to red and some coins even reached to new and dangerous lows.

Now that the coin has reached its ATH, HEX still shows bullish sentiments and can zoom up further in the coming days. Our new prediction for HEX will be out shortly after studying its chart patterns.