Here's the Problem with SafeMoon Developers; They are 'Working Hard' But not 'Smart'

SafeMoon is one among the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the market. It has gained 2.5 million investors in just six months after its inception in March 2021.

Despite being substantial, its official Twitter handle sends ridiculous tweets like "We are working around the clock" and "our testers are testing through the night," and also "our developers continue to work up a sweat." Is this what a financial company sounds like?

SafeMoon cryptocurrency coin

No, it sounds like a college student explaining about his assignments to their junior school children about 'how hard they are working day and night'.

However, what's surprising is that despite toiling "around the clock" they've still failed to deliver on their promises. So what was the point to be working 'so hard' in the first place? Working smart should be the need of the hour and not working longer hours with no results.

What's even more ridiculous is that the CEO of SafeMoon, John Karony, tweets 30 minutes before the 'wallet' launch that the app won't move forward due to "technical issues." In the same tweet he also says that he had no prior information that the app is dysfunctional for release. "No reasons for an unsuccessful launch were bought to my attention prior to 4 pm," said Karony.

It's shameful that even the CEO of SafeMoon had no idea about the technical difficulties of the app before an hour of its launch and simply promoted it on billboards about how great the launch would be.

Either he knew about the issues beforehand and simply chose to ignore it or realized about it at the last minute, whatever the case might be, it shows that the top management of SafeMoon don't know what's really happening with their own coin.

The wallet fiasco eventually gave way for fraudsters to replicate the app and scammed a few investors off their money.

SafeMoon also blatantly displays its lack of fundamental organizational skills. For example, the team had kept the non-functional link to download SafeMoon Wallet on their website for an entire day despite announcing that the wallet won't be released. Also, even after Jack Haines resigned as COO, his picture and designation is still showing up on the website. Have they now stopped 'working hard' to update it?

SafeMoon COO Jack Haines

All SafeMoon developers have done is let investors down at every turn and hid behind the curtains of 'we're working hard day and night' in resolving issues and regularly apologizing to investors for their shortcomings.

As investors pressurized the developers about their incompetence in delivering a basic feature such as a wallet, their COO Jack Haines was the first to resign and another resignation of Hank Wyatt, a software engineer fell through. The investors' community now wonders who might face the axe next if promises are not delivered.

For that, the existing SafeMoon developers need to buckle up and really work smartly and give no room for another apology.