SafeMoon Developers Flee at Slightest Sign of Trouble, Top Honchos Resign over Wallet Fiasco

The non-deliverance of SafeMoon Wallet has caused turmoil within the top management of SafeMoon as Chief Operating Officer Jack Haines resigned after facing mounting pressure from investors to deliver on the promises.

Jack Haines stressed on the fact that he needs to "remove" himself from "toxic environments" and signaled that it has nothing to do with investors and has taken the decision to quit as his "well-being in now more important than ever." The coin slumped 30% post the resignation.

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Coin

If leaving SafeMoon abruptly within six months of the crypto's inception wasn't enough, Haines at the end of his resignation message left a suspense saying his journey in the crypto market isn't over and he'll be back as "the CEO of...". He hinted that another new coin is on the horizon and might soon be launched under his helm.

The fact of the matter is, if Haines was unable to handle work pressure for just six months as the COO of SafeMoon, would he be able to handle further pressures of being the CEO of another 'new suspense coin'? Developers should know the fact that investors 'God worshiping' them would sooner or later come to a screeching halt if they don't deliver the desired results.

Investors demand results no matter which coin one works for and the rule remains the same all over the world- deliver or perish. Haines needs to understand that not just the crypto market, but the entire industry as a whole has the same expectations and standards.

If Haines flees at the slightest trouble instead of working towards correcting the missteps of SafeMoon, would he really be capable of handling another coin? What guarantee could he give to new investors that he would not resign again from his upcoming venture if something goes wrong, is what investors are worried about next.

When a company fails to deliver on a product and announces "technical issues" hours before the release while marketing the same product on billboards for weeks using investors money; the top heads are most likely asked to resign and the same has happened with SafeMoon. Along with Haines, Hank Wyatt, a software engineer of the company, also resigned the same day.

Majority of investors have unfortunately lost considerable amount of money due to the top honchos' mismanagement and most of them have never seen profits as the coin has slipped 90% from its all time high.

Also, the CEO of SafeMoon, John Karony, yet again tweeted that SafeMoon Wallet "is re-submitted to Android. Keep an eye out for the release!"

This article was first published on September 11, 2021