Matt Wallace and Investors Ridicule SafeMoon Team for Half-Heartedly Delivering 'SafeMoon Wallet'

SafeMoon cryptocurrency was the talk of the town in the cryptosphere last week, as the developers were all set to release their much awaited 'SafeMoon Wallet' on August 28. The team also marketed the development with billboards across the United Kingdom and caught the attention of new investors.

The coin rose 50.7% due to the hype about SafeMoon Wallet and was the only crypto that touched such a height last week and everything seemed well.

SafeMoon rose 50.7% due to the Wallet hype. Twitter

However, just a few hours before its launch, SafeMoon's Twitter handle released a statement saying: ''We've experienced unforeseen technical issues on launching all 3 products at the same time (Website buy & swap, Android wallet & iOS wallet).

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Coin

The tweet also continued that they are ''working around the clock to fix the issue'' and ''will be releasing each product in a staggered approach (one by one) - Starting with the website buy & swap function - today,'' and also apologized to investors for the trouble. ''We apologize for the delay. We hear all of you. We can't wait to bring you all home,'' the tweet read.

SafeMoon, instead of going up during the Wallet launch, began dipping and is now down -3.48% in the days trade and is trading at $0.0000024.

Matt Wallace & Investors Take On SafeMoon's Developers

Crypto influencer Matt Wallace replied to SafeMoon's tweet about the technical issues surrounding their wallet release by saying ''You can buy fake likes but you can't buy a good team or real plans.''

Other investors were infuriated with SafeMoon developers for taking it lightly and not delivering as expected and reminded them they the team is playing with their hard earned money. ''You keep in mind. Don't ever announce the date. First do that, launch this shot, and then announce it. Our money, it's hard earned. I'm at least 80% down,'' tweeted an investor.

Another investor slammed the developers by saying, ''You had 3 month to get this right, for today! And now you are telling the people to have patience? Very professional!''

A disgruntled investor educated the developers about management and how to do the right things and reveled he sold half his assets due to their poor performance.

''I just sold half of my coins. Not happy with SAFEMOON exec team. You have to get these things right before going to market. This is the ABC of poor management. In order for investors 2 support you do what you say or your value will be worthless. I love the concept but drive value,'' the tweet read.