SafeMoon: 'God Worshiping' the Developers Could Cost Investors Dear

In the stock market, investors hold the top management of the company responsible for their actions but in the crypto sphere, developers are put on a pedestal by investors and are given the benefit of the doubt even after failing to deliver basic features.

SafeMoon crypto has an investor base of 2.5 million and the number is staggering considering the coin is less than six months old. While investors have placed their belief on the coin and its developers to deliver an outcome, the community needs to be a two-way street of give and take. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case.

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Coin

A new culture has emerged in the SafeMoon community that is 'God worshiping' the developers from 'fan boys'. The trend has taken over social media and the plague is so deep that even a constructive criticism about the coin or its developers is met with reactions of 'Fud' and 'spreading negativity' which isn't really the case.

Developers need to be questioned for their missteps and investors need to keep a tab on the happenings of the coin and simultaneously create a path to rise after a drastic failure. Investors need to be open towards criticism and not indulge in a keyboard wrestling match in defending the developers for their missteps.

Keeping the developers on a pedestal even after not delivering on their promises gives them the license to ward off criticism by simply calling it 'Fud'. To first work on a problem, the SafeMoon community needs to acknowledge that there's a problem, and that is when solutions appear and the path is made clear.

SafeMoon CEO, John Karony, knowing the fact that SafeMoon Wallet is not ready for release, withheld the information up until the last hour and released a statement about ''technical issues'' hours before the launch. When investors don't pressure developers to deliver what they've promised, this is exactly what happens.

Thomas Smith, SafeMoon's CBO, who needs to spend most of his time about planning to take the coin to the next level, seems to be more interested in getting his Twitter handle verified with the blue tick mark. The community lovingly calls him Papa and #VerifyPapa has been doing the rounds on Twitter since July.

SafeMoon's CBO has also pinned the tweet ''#VerifyPapa'' on his handle and followers are tagging @Verified asking them to 'verify' his handle @papacthulu.

If the investors' community don't make developers work on their promises and ward off criticisms against them as ''fud'' at every turn, a day won't be far away when all of them go on a yacht tour, sip cocktails while enjoying the sunset and laugh at the 'fan boys' that worship them as Gods.