Here is How Blackpink's Rose React to Britney Spears Dancing to their Song on Instagram

Blackpink's Rose was pleasantly surprised to learn that Britney Spears had used their song 'How You Like That' recently on Instagram for a post. The singer and dancer, during the interview with Billboard, revealed that she was clueless about the 'Baby One More Time' hitmaker sharing it on her social media page.

Britney Spears and Blackpink's Rose
Britney Spears and Blackpink's Rose. Instagram

Rose claimed that she is a fan of Britney Spears and the news excited her since she grew up watching the latter's videos. "No, I haven't seen that. What?! [Pulls out her phone to look.] Oh my gosh! How did I not know this? Oh my gosh! This is so cute! I didn't see this. That's crazy. She's such an icon. I grew up listening and watching her videos. That is crazy. That excites me a lot. She's like the coolest person ever. Oh my gosh. I'm going to watch that later on before I sleep." she is quoted as saying by Billboard.

Britney Spears' Post
Recently, Britney Spears danced to the said song in a new quick-change video. She wrote, "I found my lace and leather catsuit this time .... I've never worn it out anywhere cause well .... where could I wear it but it's fun to hang out in ‍♀️ ???? Like I said before .... I'm bored !!!! Here's to fashion"

The video of Britney Spears dancing for Blackpink's song went viral. On her account alone, the post has garnered close to one million views.

'How You Like That' was released on 26 June, 2020. It was the lead single from studio album, The Album. It had set YouTube on fire upon its release by becoming the fastest video to surpass 100 million, 200 million, and 600 million views.

It turned out to be the most-liked video with 18 million likes.

'On The Ground'
Meanwhile, Rose is basking in the success of 'On The Ground' from her debut single album, R. It was unveiled on 12 March and got a gigantic response from the fans it became the most-watched premiere and the most views within 24 hours for a music video. It garnered over 41.6 million views in 24 hours.