Penthouse Actress Kim So-yeon's Net Worth: How Rich is Lee Sang-woo's Wife?

Kim So-yeon is a household name among the viewers of South Korean TV shows and movies. The actress, who was recently seen in The Penthouse 2, has been active in the entertainment industry since 1994 and has been part of many successful shows.

Kim So-yeon
Kim So-yeon. Kim So-yeon Instagram

Her journey
The wife of Lee Sang-woo started off her journey by participating in Miss Binggrae pageant without taking her parents' approval. She donned greasepaint for the first time in Dinosaur Teacher. Thereafter, she worked as a teen actress in Reporting for Duty and Soonpoong Clinic. During this phase, she hosted the music program Inkigayo.

In the late 90s, Kim So-yeon had become the first teen star to earn more than ₩100 million from commercial modeling. However, she had become a typecast and was doing older roles to her age with negative shades. Her attempt to gain a foothold in the Chinese film industry failed to come to fruition.

She took a three-year break and returned in 2008 with Gourmet. Espionage drama Iris won a lot of appreciation for the role of a spy. Her hard work in the action scenes were visible and people saw a new actress in her. Thereafter, she was seen in a variety of characters. Be it her rigid look in Dr Champ or cheerful district attorney in Prosecutor Princess in 2010, people showered positive words about her versatility in acting skills.

Beating Again, We Got Married, Happy Home, Secret Mother, and recently The Penthouse 2 are some of the TV shows that she had worked in the recent years.

Net Worth:
After working in over 40+ TV series, many reality shows, movies, and music videos along with appearing in commercial, the 40-year old actress owns several properties. Lee Sang-woo's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. , as per the many reports.

According to Celebrity Net Worth tracker, Kim So-yeon's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.