Han Ye Seul Defends Boyfriend: 'I've Dated a Lot and I Think This Man is Really Genuine'

Girlfriend Han Ye Seul has defended her boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae again. This time, during an interaction with her fans on social media sites, the 40-year old has sent a message to the people that she would do everything to protect her beau.

Han Ye-seul with her Boyfriend
Han Ye-seul with her Boyfriend. Instagram

Many extended their support to Han Ye Seul while slamming her boyfriend over the controversy, but she was not willing to take any negative comments about Ryu Sung Jae lightly. "Get out of here, there's nothing left in you except for your empty head," she shot back, according to Koreaboo, at a fan's comment who warned her not to become like Nancy Lang. She then added, "I've dated a lot and I think this man is really genuine."

A user then asked about Burning Sun rumours for which he said that there is a beauty in patience and requested him to wait for some more time. Han Ye Seul pointed out that filing a lawsuit against false rumours is not an option as it takes years to get justice.

Did Han Ye Seul Slap Blackpink's Jennie?
She then also clarified rumours about slapping Blackpink's Jennie. "I never even met Ms. Jennie even once."

The controversy broke out recently after Dispatch reported that he worked as a male escort. It was alleged the place he worked provided karaoke bar service and operated secret rooms with male escorts.

Two people, who had received her boyfriend's service, reportedly told Dispatch that he had intentions of seducing women to get monetary and other benefits.

Han Ye Seul's Formal Announcement
On May 13, the actress formally announced her relationship with him on Instagram. "Thank you so much for congratulating and blessing our love. Thank you very much. My boyfriend is 10 years younger than me, so I call him puppy. Cute, sweet, lovely, and most of all, I'm so happy when I'm with him. I'll try to raise him well. Thank you, [sic]"Allkpop quotes the actress as saying in the Instagram post.

Thereafter, lots of allegations have been made against him although she has not given a damn about the reports.

Going by the reports, Ryu Sung Jae had tried his hands in acting for a brief period but has stayed away from showbiz. He has done graduation in arts and has been part of stage plays