Dispatch Reveals Han Ye Seul's Boyfriend Worked as Male Escort, Agency Refutes Claims

Dispatch claimed to have spoken to people who knew Ryu Sung Jae and this is what it found out about Han Ye Seul's boyfriend.

Dispatch has come out with a report about actress Han Ye Seul's boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae's background. Soon after Han Ye Seul introduced Ryu Sung Jae to public as her boyfriend on May 13, there were rumors that he was a male escort. But the actress had refuted claims and said that he was working as a fitness trainer. Now, Dispatch has come out with a report and claimed that is Ryu Sung Jae worked as a male escort and sought personal and economic benefits.

Reacting to the news, Han Ye Seul's agency High Entertainment said that the Dispatch report was not true. "After looking into it [Dispatch report], the contents from the article are not true. We ask you to refrain from spreading speculation about their personal lives," stated High Entertainment.

Han Ye Seul
Actress Han Ye Seul with her boyfriend. Instagram

Han Ye Seul had said that Ryu Sung Jae was ten years younger to her. He worked as an actor for a brief period and then returned to being a commoner [leading a non-celebrity life]. He has majored from an art university and had acted in a number of theatre plays.

Illegal Service at Legally Registered Restaurant?

Dispatch report stated that it has spoken to a number of women who revealed Ryu Sung Jae's background. The report claims that Han Ye Seul first met Ryu Sung Jae in an illegally operating entertainment venue. However, the restaurant where they met was registered as a legal venue, it is said to have provided karaoke bar service and operated secret rooms with male escorts.

Working as a male escort is not illegal, but if the escort develops a relationship with a customer and uses him/her to his personal benefits then it is considered illegal. According to Dispatch report, two people who had received Ryu Sung Jae's services had claimed that he was serving them with an intention of becoming a jaebi [men who sexually seduce women for personal reasons including money].

Quoting another person who spoke to Dispatch [named as B], Dispatch report claimed that hosts are chosen by the female guests and the services provided hosts on rotation basis. So, if anyone wanted the specific host repeatedly, the services demanded a lot of money. The person said that Ryu Sung Jae would meet even married and divorced women.

The third person who spoke to Dispatch said that Han Ye Seul tried to use her influence to get Ryu Sung Jae to debut as an actor. It is said that he quit being a host in September 2020, when the actress started dating him.

The fourth person who spoke to Dispatch said, "Han Ye Seul tried to make her boyfriend debut as an actor. In the process, there was a disagreement with the company. She doesn't mind cleaning up his identity." Ryu Sung Jae has currently made his accounts private. High Entertainment has refuted these claims and declared the Dispatch report was false.

This article was first published on June 2, 2021