Han Ye Seul's Befitting Reply to YouTubers' Burning Sun Actress Claim; to Join High Entertainment?

Actress Han Ye Seul is rumoured to be leaving her current agency KeyEast following claims of her alleged involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

Actress Han Ye Seul is said to be in talks to join High Entertainment. Her contract with current agency Key East will come to an end in June 2021. The agency High Entertainment has also confirmed that the actress is positively in talks to sign a contract with them. The agency also houses actors including Jo Yeo Jung, Shim Yi Young, and others.

Actress Han Ye Seul is currently in news after she slammed the 'Garo Garo Institute Youtubers' who accused the actress of being involved in the Burning Sun scandal. The YouTubers consisting of lawyer Kang Yong Seok and former reporters Kim Se Ui and Kim Yong Ho had claimed that Han Ye Seul was the actress mentioned in Burning Sun sex scandal and also had said that her boyfriend was a male escort.

Han Ye Seul
Actress Han Ye Seul with her boyfriend. Instagram

Han Ye Seul to Garo Garo Institute Youtubers

Han Ye Seul took to Instagram to give a befitting answer to the 'Garo Garo Institute Youtubers'. She personally denied all claims and said: "Do they want me to retire from the industry? I don't understand why they are doing this to me. Should I fight them? Will they rebuild my 20 years long career and reputation if their videos actually hurt these? I just want these gossips to go away."

Giving a hint to why she might be changing her agency, Han Ye Seul said, "Personally speaking, I know my former label's representative is close to the YouTuber who made those claims. I even thought it was some form of retaliation at first. I don't understand where these are all coming from out of the blue."

Earlier, reporter Kim Yong Ho had claimed that actress 'H' who was claimed to have taken drugs at the 'Burning Sun' club was in fact Han Ye Seul, and not Han Hyo Joo. "I have been through so much during my career in this industry. So many rumors, gossips, and unwarranted accusations. I've been letting all those slide because I thought it was something inevitable being a celebrity. But this time around, I don't understand at all," said Han Ye Seul.

Han Ye Seul also extended her apology to her boyfriend. "I feel sorry for my boyfriend as well. He has to go through this with me just because he is dating a celebrity," she said. She asked reporter Kim Yong Ho, why was he doing this to her.

But later, the actress removed this clip from Instagram. Instead, she posted a message to her fans, asking them to take a screenshot of defamatory comments against her, so that she can use it later, if needed.