Namewee's 'Always look at Blackpink and Masturbate' Line from New Video Creates Controversy; Gets Slammed

Malaysian Rapper Namewee, whose original name is Wee Meng Chee, is in the news for all the wrong reasons again. The singer's new track 'You Know Who Is My Father?' has come under severe attack for sexualising women as a vulgar line from the song has left the fans of Blackpink angry and fuming.

Namwee's controversial line on Blackpink. twitter

Why are Blinks Angry Against Namwee?
There is a controversial line in the song where the rapper says 'Always look at Blackpink and masturbate.' The below-the-belt lyrics have infuriated K-pop fans in general and Blinks in particular for inappropriate comment.

It is a track which is targeted at rich people. The song is about how these people in Malaysia try to pocket women through their wealth. Namewee shared the song and captioned, "The moral of the song – Don't play play with rich people, they can piak your face anytime they want, even in the steamboat restaurant...[sic]"

What's In the Controversial Song?
'You Know Who Is My Father?' song has the words from Mandarin, English and Malay languages. Namewee himself directed the song apart from writing lyrics and singing it. It has women wearing skimpy clothes and walking around the singer in swimming pool and in nightclub.

The controversial line is said in Mandarin and the English translation has now been removed following the backlash. However, the line still remains in the audio.

The track was released on 28 May and it has been attacked non-stop by Blackpink fans, who have reported to YouTube. Blinks have urged YG Entertainment to take necessary action against Namewee while some fans have slammed the company to failing to protect the girl group.

However, the 38-year old is no stranger to controversies. He hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons way back in 2007 following the release of parody Malaysia's national anthem titled Negaraku. Since then, he has rubbed the politicians and government the wrong ways on several occasions. A few months ago, his film Babi was slammed for creating racial tension.

Audience Reaction to Latest Controversy