GTA Online: Top ten secrets you don't know about GTA 5 and GTA series

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals top ten secrets from GTA 5 and GTA series, in his latest GTA Online gameplay video.

GTA 5 Online
GTA Online: Top ten secrets you may not know about GTA 5 and GTA series

Prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks us through the top ten things you probably don't know about GTA 5 and the entire GTA series, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online. The YouTuber also reveals a handful of Easter Eggs and some nifty tricks that you may not have explored in Rockstar Games highly-popular action-RPG franchise.

GTA 5: NPC phone numbers
MrBossFTW via YouTube

Pointing out his earlier videos, Ross talks about the two strip dancers, Cheetah and Peach, whose phone numbers are clearly accessible in the game. The YouTuber also lists out the various phone numbers of all NPC characters that are accessible in GTA 5 and GTA Online as depicted in the screenshot (above).

As Ross reiterates, these are all the phone numbers you will ever be able to use for calling up your favourite NPC in the game. Although several of these in-game characters may not respond to your call, a few of them like Cheetah and Peach have been tested and found to work just fine.

GTA 5: Hidden Easter-egg in Lester's house
GTA 5: Hidden Easter-egg in Lester's house

Ross also brings up the idea of a hidden Easter-Egg found in Lester's house as depicted in his previous video. It is hard to miss the Birthday Easter-Egg relating to Mrs. Lester's birthday event as seen on the calendar inside Lester's house. One closer look at the marked events in the calendar suggests that Lester's mother would be celebrating her Birthday on 28 September.

Although Lester's house is filled with a myriad number of Easter-Eggs, the Birthday Easter-Egg simply stands out as one of the best and something worth remembering in the game, wherein Lester seems too keen to keep up a tab on his family regardless of the distance that separated them.

Another remarkable feature to note is the age differences between the voice actors for Franklin and Trevor in the game. Shawn Fonteno delivers the voice over for one-third of Franklin's story in the game, while Steven Ogg does voice acting for Trevor's character.

It is quite remarkable to note that Fonteno is almost five years older than Ogg, despite the fact that the latter plays the voice character for Trevor who is much older than Franklin. Ross also goes on to explain how Shawn Fonteno's career shaped up while describing his altercation with the musician and rapper, Ice Cube.

Moving on to the next Easter-Egg, Ross points out the shark-like marking depicting an island on the official game map that shipped with your game case. Although several GTA Online players have been speculating if there is anything significant about the shark-shaped island, the YouTuber confirms that there is nothing of importance found at this location in the game. However, you might surely find a couple of mysterious hammerhead sharks around this area in the depths of the sea.

GTA 5: Chris Edwards Easter-egg

Recollecting his earlier video on the Valentine-themed graveyard concept, the YouTuber explains the theory behind the mysterious Chris Edwards Easter-Egg found on one of the park benches (see video), after climbing up the spiralling staircase leading to an elevated view point. Quite astonishingly, none of the NPCs are seen sitting on the middle bench with the engraved placard reading, "In Memory of Chris Edwards." And it seems the NPCs could be doing this as a mark of respect shown to Edward.

Consequently, it is now ascertained that Chris Edwards was a key member of Rockstar Games' crew and the game maker found it befitting to immortalise his name in GTA 5 as he reportedly passed away in 2014 or 2015. This new Easter-Egg was first spotted in the game when the next-gen or enhanced version of GTA 5 was rolled out in 2015.

Grand Theft Auto Trump Tower
MrBossFTW via YouTube

The next noteworthy Easter-Egg dates back to the original GTA title, wherein the skyscraper building seen on the first GTA game cover actually refers to the Trump tower from New York City in the real world. The same building makes its return in GTA 4 and it is known as 'Cleethorpes Tower', which can be found in the Hatton Gardens shopping district of Algonquin in Liberty City.

Packie Mcreary, one of the key characters from GTA 4, makes a comeback to GTA 5 as one of the main member for a Heist mission in Los Santos. One can clearly see him getting down from the taxi and running to catch a flight at the airport, towards the end of GTA 4 game, when the credits start rolling in.

GTA 4's character Niko Bellic was recently mentioned in a TV show 'Criminal Minds', wherein the show's investigators were trying to trace the whereabouts about the wanted criminal who goes by the same iconic name. This is the first time that a GTA 4 character or anyone like Niko Bellic being mentioned in the real-life pop culture.

GTA 5: Pier Hideout

There is a real cool spot on the pier with a hanging walkway underneath it, wherein one can use it like a hideout or sniping point to take out enemies with minimal risk. You will need a larger car or an SUV to get on the walkway or reach the railings underneath the pier which is facing the sea on one side and the shores on the other.

As you are suspended over the water, it becomes quite easy to prevent enemies from surrounding you or making a counter-attack from all sides. Besides, your icon seems way off the radar as it incoherently displays your character to be on the pier, while you are actually hiding underneath it. Consequently, this seems to be the perfect place for hiding from a pack of bounty hunters set loose on your trail.

Finally, there is a way to get unlimited parachutes in the game. Here's what you should do:

  • Bring up the player interaction menu while you are in the game and put a parachute on your back. In case you don't have one, you can get it from the AmmuNation store.
  • Now quickly toggle the parachute feature off from the player interaction menu.
  • Then load up the SecuroServ CEO mode and then switch your style to the first option on the right.
  • Now flip the parachute feature on and if you have done it correctly, your character will start taking off a pile of parachutes from his backpack one after another.