GTA 5 Online: Aggressive and inexplicable behaviour of NPC drivers explained with shocking revelations

YouTuber MrBossFTW unravels new conspiracy theories around the recent inexplicable behaviour of NPC drivers in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online: Aggressive and inexplicable behaviour of NPC drivers explained with shocking revelations

Popular YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has come up with a new conspiracy theory involving the hidden agenda of NPC drivers unexpectedly crashing into our cars in GTA Online. Although a myriad of conspiracy theories like the Mount Chiliad Mystery have failed to convince several cynical players in GTA 5, the latest one may still surprise you.

To bring you better clarity into the situation, Ross walks us through a multitude of instances that actually portray NPCs chasing players with intent of murdering or seriously harming them. It is now ascertained that the aggressive behavioural changes of NPCs is directly triggered by the recent updates in GTA Online.

The YouTuber has compiled an extensive list of videos showcasing the gruesome attitude of NPCs, following the release of Bikers DLC and Import/Export update.

In one instance, you can notice a player's car being obstructed by a crazy hippie van which is trying to take a sharp U-turn without really honking or applying brakes while crossing the median on the flyover road. The damage to the player's car is being estimated at $2500 in this case while there have been bigger proportions of damage being reported by some other GTA Online users.

Moving on to the second instance, you will see an NPC driver intently crashing into a player's car in the parking lot without any provocation whatsoever.

In the third clip, an NPC driving a black sedan decides to change lanes abruptly with the intent of throwing off the player's car over the platform. This instance does not even seem like an accident as the aggressive motives of the NPC is clearly visualised in this tiny clip.

In another instance, the player is caught off guard by an incoming NPC vehicle on the opposite lane as it decides to ram head-on with the player's car for no apparent reason. Furthermore, you will also notice NPCs swerving across the wrong side of the road as if to overtake you at the cost of damaging your precious ride.

Although the Cunning Stunts update is already getting older, the NPCs seem to have lately acquired new skillsets for performing their own stunts like cutting through lanes at high-speeds and blocking traffic to create nuisance for all users in GTA Online.

Following the recent spate of NPC related mishaps in GTA Online, some dataminers and tipsters including Funmw2 have suggested that there have been no such updates which could modify the behaviour of NPCs in the game.

All the DLC updates are mostly linked to Tunables that focus on adding more replay value with addition of feature enhancements and event bonuses. However, the recent flurry of bug fixes into the game could have caused unwanted changes to the gameplay mechanics and thereby resulting in unexpected situations with the NPC drivers.

Meanwhile, another conspiracy theory suggests that all the drugs we have been producing with the Bikers update is being consumed by the NPC drivers, and thereby resulting in their inexplicable driving behaviour in GTA Online.